Saturday, June 24, 2017

220 A Graduation Quilt for Sweet Kaylynn

I remember sweet Kaylynn as a young student, then later at my high school, and now she has graduated from college!  I'd say she deserves a Happy Scrappy!  Congratulations, Kaylynn, you are as beautiful on the inside as the outside!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

219 Cathy finally gets her Sweet Peas Quilted

Dear patient Cathy being so kind as other quilts jumped in front of her sweet Sweet Pea quilt.  Finally started quilting it today.  Using the wonderful fabric as inspiration:  border is getting floral and leaves and curly-q's quilting; squares are getting sweet pea tendrils; and the polka-dot mini border is getting Peas.  Funseys!

the fabric I liked best

A new quilting pattern, I enjoyed it
such beautiful fabric

Monday, June 12, 2017

218 Bill & Marcy's New Puppy

I know, I know... you are asking me, "What?  You are now making quilts for puppies?"  Well, yes, I am.  And loving every minute of it.  Because I am so happy for Bill & Marcy to be getting a new Golden Retriever.  And I think this is so much fun, that I want to be part of it!  So there.  Ha, ha, ha, I'm a puppy-quilt-maker. :)

Sonny Boy :)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

217 Marleines Flea Market Find

I'm sure enjoying quilting this flea market find of Marleines.  Sooooo many different fabrics.  I can't tell if it is true vintage, or reproduction fabrics.  The fabrics are wonky and made from a variety of textiles; not to mention cut on the bias.  So it is a bit ripply, but that makes it even more fun.  Today is a grey sky, drizzly summer day, perfect for long arming and anticipating having it on Dick & Marleine's bed when they arrive in July!