Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Dan & Linna, here are the highlights of my Holden Village bucket-list adventures.  Too bad we didn't take our camera for the FREEZING COLD late, late night dash to the hot tub in our matching Red pre-Valentine's Day NW Fitness Headbands!  Oh my goodness, we roared with laughter - like we were junior high girls again.  Ohhhhhhhhhh my...

Well we made it! Holden Village Women's Retreat! All 3 Washington passes were closed today due to avalanche concerns. Did that stop us? No!  We drove south to Vancouver, WA, went across the Columbia River into Oregon, drove the amazingly gorgeous Columbia River Gorge, crossed back into Washington, heading north to Hwy 84, up to 97, over Satus Pass, Manastash Pass and Blewett Pass all the way to Lake Chelan! It took us 12 hours but we did it! (It would normally be a 4 hour trip across Hwy 2).  This trip was an amazing reminder of how astonishingly good our God is is.  He protected us as we watched cars spin & slid off into the median of the Manastash Pass.  We hugged the "white line" and gripped the striated ridges of the pavement.  My new snow tires worked perfectly, and my dear 275,000+ mile Toyota 4-Runner was a rock.  The top of the Manastash Pass had been wind-glazed, it was a literal ice rink.  Added to that, the pass is so high that we'd driven into a fog-cloud so thick our visibility was about 8-10 feet.  We crept along at 3-5 miles an hour, without one little slip.  About twenty minutes (or was it 40?), we completed the pass and exhaled.  Entering Ellensburg we discovered hundreds of freight truckers parked along the side of Interstate 90, taking up the right lane for miles and miles and mails.  They were sleeping on the interstate!  Waiting for the pass to open again  It was pretty exciting to be in the epicenter of all the national attention.  We really stayed safe, kept our thinking caps on, and continually assessed whether or not we'd ventured into an inappropriate situation.  Upon each assessment, all four ladies, continued to unanimously agree we were in good hands, making solid progress, and making rationale decisions.
And here is the result of our faith and our tenacity; thanks be to God, who by His grace and bounteous love, decided to bless us with an astonishing experience of beauty and spendor...

Thanks be to God!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

213 Tracey is at it again -

Another Tracey quilt.  The girl is rockin it!  Tracey calls it her Mermaid Quilt, and as I recall, she's giving this one away to bless someone too!  Unbelievable, I'd never be able to let this one go.  Tracey is so generous!