Thursday, July 13, 2017

222 Saundy's Grandaughter Riley's Graduation Happy Scrappy

I hope Cousin Riley likes this Happy Scrappy for her high school graduation.  Congratulations, Riley, job well done.  We are proud of you!  My what a beautiful young lady you've become!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

221 Neal & Amy are having a Baby Boy!

And here he is, the amazing and fabulous Paxton!  Positively yummy!  XO

It is so exciting!  Neal and Amy are having a baby boy.  And this quilt is mostly made of Neal's Mom, Kathy's fabrics.  I've saved this fabric for years and years.  I think it turned out really sweet and I sure hope Neal and Amy love it.

Quilt, nursing apron, hooded towel,  3 flannel snugglers, 4 burp rags and don't forget the "It's A Boy!" Dreft :)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

220 A Graduation Quilt for Sweet Kaylynn

I remember sweet Kaylynn as a young student, then later at my high school, and now she has graduated from college!  I'd say she deserves a Happy Scrappy!  Congratulations, Kaylynn, you are as beautiful on the inside as the outside!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

219 Cathy finally gets her Sweet Peas Quilted

Dear patient Cathy being so kind as other quilts jumped in front of her sweet Sweet Pea quilt.  Finally started quilting it today.  Using the wonderful fabric as inspiration:  border is getting floral and leaves and curly-q's quilting; squares are getting sweet pea tendrils; and the polka-dot mini border is getting Peas.  Funseys!

the fabric I liked best

A new quilting pattern, I enjoyed it
such beautiful fabric

Monday, June 12, 2017

218 Bill & Marcy's New Puppy

I know, I know... you are asking me, "What?  You are now making quilts for puppies?"  Well, yes, I am.  And loving every minute of it.  Because I am so happy for Bill & Marcy to be getting a new Golden Retriever.  And I think this is so much fun, that I want to be part of it!  So there.  Ha, ha, ha, I'm a puppy-quilt-maker. :)

Sonny Boy :)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

217 Marleines Flea Market Find

I'm sure enjoying quilting this flea market find of Marleines.  Sooooo many different fabrics.  I can't tell if it is true vintage, or reproduction fabrics.  The fabrics are wonky and made from a variety of textiles; not to mention cut on the bias.  So it is a bit ripply, but that makes it even more fun.  Today is a grey sky, drizzly summer day, perfect for long arming and anticipating having it on Dick & Marleine's bed when they arrive in July!

Friday, May 5, 2017

216 Dallen's Graduation Quilt

I'm so honored that new high school graduate cousin Dallen chose to come to Auntie Robin's house for his graduation trip!  Wow.  I was highly motivated to get his high school graduation quilt all ready for his visit!

Monday, April 24, 2017

215 Baby Quilt for Candy's Grandaughter

Another Texas Cousin is on her way!  Candy made this sweet baby quilt for her soon-to-arrive GRANDaughter Emery.  Mike & Sidney's first.  Emery will look so precious bundled up in all this pink & purple sweetness.

Can't wait to add her newborn picture when she arrives around July 2017.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Well folks, I guess all the Tracey Quilts Another Quilt action will be moving to another blog or website or Instagram.  Yes, I know we will all miss her gorgeous quilts!  But Tracey's dream has come true, she has her own Gammill Statler Stitch Long Arm now!  And we sure had fun going up to Robin's girlfriend, Diane, parents' home to disassemble this most amazing Jinga Puzzle.  And then toting all the labeled pieces down I-5 in the Amazing Potter Van and attempting a reassembly in Ed & Tracey's newly floored & painted Official Long Arm Room!  What a brilliant day!  And God was gracious to hold back the rain.

I'll post Tracey's link to her Long Arm adventures as soon as I know what it is.

Now that is the smile of a new long arm owner!!!

Tracey, Diane & Robin

We four praised ourselves for keeping our communication positive and using, as my Girl Scouts would say, "The Power of Team!" to get the job done.  It definitely took every single brain cell we had!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A "Spleenie" Song for Our Makayla

M, we hope you enjoy this and it brings many smiles as you go into your spleen surgery.  Sorry you have to go through this, but we are really with you in regards to getting out from under all this pain you've suffered!  You just take all your Spitfire & Grit along with you and you'll be just fine!
And we agree... your NINE (9) Spleenies are just Big Fat Weenies!  Buh bye-eye-eye-eeeeeeee!
We love you!
"Uncle" Kevin and "Auntie" Robin

M knows she’s ready, M’s very steady, determination ta-get-a’way-from, spleen aggravation!
She’s strong and willin, to-trust-her-sple-en spec...ia….list, spitfire & grit, that is our M!         
As she goes walkin’, she’ll be a talkin, about her vision of painfree livin!
Her dag-gone spleenies, are just big fat weeeeee…..nieeeeezzz, nah nah nah nah, we say Buh By-eye-eeeezzz!                                    
She’s read and googled, she’s spleen-articu-late, she doesen’t want ‘em,  she downright sick-of-it!
Best give it up, we say, stupid spleenies  go-oooo—a-waaaaa...aaay, we’re all-a-shout-shoutin, Hip Hip Hurray!
M knows she’s ready, M’s very steady, determination ta-get-a’way-from, spleen aggravation!
She’s strong and willin, to-trust-her-sple-en specialist, spitfire & grit, that is our M!
Spitfire & grit, that is our M!
Spitfire & grit, that is our M!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

214 - Quilt for My Dearest Judi's Mom & Stepdad's 50th Wedding Anniversary

    A loving heirloom quilt with fifty years of friends and family writing their best wishes for a wonderful wedding anniversary and celebration of matrimony.  Everyone knows I would do anything for my darling Judi, and helping her gift her Mom with this precious quilt was something that thrilled my heart.  Unfortunately, as plenty of you know, I'm somewhat guilty of overextending myself, and when I suggested this quilt to Judi - or maybe we came up with the idea together - I JUMPED AT THE CHANCE!  However, life got in the way of my time and intentions... two Grand babies plus Dad's bypass; suffice to say I wasn't making ANY progress!
     Gracious Judi suggested her girlfriend sew the quilt top to take the pressure off my shoulders and heart.  Her girlfriend got to it lickety-split and within a couple two three weeks the quilt was sewn and back to me for long-arming.  I was itching to get to it, and then got hit with a memorable head/chest cold that came from kissing my yummy Noah so much.  Noah had caught his cold from Daddy and then I'd caught it because I can't resist my Noah!  So I was delayed in getting the quilt onto the machine AGAIN!
     Determination and grit pushed me to get it started on Monday - despite feeling miserable and hacking up a couple two three lungs - I managed to get it loaded and started.  Tues & Wed are 6am-5pm babysitting up at Noah's home - so no progress there.  Thurs is a big big deal Grandparents day for Livi & Ethan - with Po & Gn applauding Olivia's Worship Leading in front of an audience of... wow, could it have been 300?  It was so special to see our Ethan demonstrating his listening skills, his independence and all the rest of his preK excellence!  Friday take Dear Sweet Auntie to downtown hospital so she can be alongside Uncle in his heart valve replacement recovery.  Fri night deliver cocoa & smores to my Girl Scout Troops' Daddy's & Daughters selling cookies on Night One of Site Sales!  Sat/Sun my troop sells cookies all over town - so lots of duties.  Monday will be Nora.  Tues/Wed will be Noah. Thurs will be Nora.  Maybe, maybe maybe I'll finish on Friday?  And maybe maybe maybe be able to Power Bind throughout the next week?!
     My Quilter Gal Pals had me sign a contract saying I would not over commit myself anymore. This quilting-thing is supposed to be my art, my fun, my escape.  Not my obligation, my stress, my "busy" - I am a slow learner - but I've got passels of girls who are going to hold me accountable.  So hopefully the next hundred quilts will be quilts of fun and relaxation, not quilts of stress and worry.
     All that to say...
     This Wedding Anniversary Quilt makes me very very happy and I really wouldn't change a thing!  Just thinking about future, here.  I love this QUILT OF LOVE & FAMILY DEVOTION!  And I love the satisfaction of giving a quilt that brings such happiness!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Dan & Linna, here are the highlights of my Holden Village bucket-list adventures.  Too bad we didn't take our camera for the FREEZING COLD late, late night dash to the hot tub in our matching Red pre-Valentine's Day NW Fitness Headbands!  Oh my goodness, we roared with laughter - like we were junior high girls again.  Ohhhhhhhhhh my...

Well we made it! Holden Village Women's Retreat! All 3 Washington passes were closed today due to avalanche concerns. Did that stop us? No!  We drove south to Vancouver, WA, went across the Columbia River into Oregon, drove the amazingly gorgeous Columbia River Gorge, crossed back into Washington, heading north to Hwy 84, up to 97, over Satus Pass, Manastash Pass and Blewett Pass all the way to Lake Chelan! It took us 12 hours but we did it! (It would normally be a 4 hour trip across Hwy 2).  This trip was an amazing reminder of how astonishingly good our God is is.  He protected us as we watched cars spin & slid off into the median of the Manastash Pass.  We hugged the "white line" and gripped the striated ridges of the pavement.  My new snow tires worked perfectly, and my dear 275,000+ mile Toyota 4-Runner was a rock.  The top of the Manastash Pass had been wind-glazed, it was a literal ice rink.  Added to that, the pass is so high that we'd driven into a fog-cloud so thick our visibility was about 8-10 feet.  We crept along at 3-5 miles an hour, without one little slip.  About twenty minutes (or was it 40?), we completed the pass and exhaled.  Entering Ellensburg we discovered hundreds of freight truckers parked along the side of Interstate 90, taking up the right lane for miles and miles and mails.  They were sleeping on the interstate!  Waiting for the pass to open again  It was pretty exciting to be in the epicenter of all the national attention.  We really stayed safe, kept our thinking caps on, and continually assessed whether or not we'd ventured into an inappropriate situation.  Upon each assessment, all four ladies, continued to unanimously agree we were in good hands, making solid progress, and making rationale decisions.
And here is the result of our faith and our tenacity; thanks be to God, who by His grace and bounteous love, decided to bless us with an astonishing experience of beauty and spendor...

Thanks be to God!