Monday, December 19, 2016

209, 210, 210 1/2 & 210 3/4 Livi Quilts Her Own Christmas Eve Snuggler!

Granny got a little, actually, a lot, behind my self imposed deadlines; what with Papa and his Quintuple Bypass, two new Grandies, and all sorts of Girl Scout buzzy buzzy buzzy bee stuff!!!

Soooooooo, Olivia decided to have a sleep over and quilt all the Christmas Eve quilts herself!  We got hers done (the big one), Ethans (the medium one) and two eensey beensey ones for Nora & Noah.

Now here we are at 9:59pm!!!!  And Livi has finished but still wants to do more stuff like:  baking, present wrapping, dancing, karaoke, tease Po, etc. etc.  But Granny just wants to go to sleep! Zzzz.

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  1. Livi, what a girl!! And she's been blessed beyond measure with a granny who loves her to the moon and who truly is the most gifted teacher and creative person I know. I can only imagine how this girl is going to SOAR with all you've put into her Robbie. I can see who that long arm quilter is going to be willed to one day :)