Wednesday, December 21, 2016

211 and 211 1/2 Grant & Charlotte Christmas Eve Snugglers

Grant & Baby Charlotte will be joining us on Christmas Eve and then Candlelight Service!  Yahoo, the more the merrier!  But we can't have all The Grandies getting all their Christmas Eve "Sweet Sugarplum Dreams" snugglers and then not have some for our dear Grant and CharChar!  So off to JoAnn's I went, kind Po helping me, and then quickly making Polar Fleece/Flannel snugglers to keep them warm and toasty.

Monday, December 19, 2016

209, 210, 210 1/2 & 210 3/4 Livi Quilts Her Own Christmas Eve Snuggler!

Granny got a little, actually, a lot, behind my self imposed deadlines; what with Papa and his Quintuple Bypass, two new Grandies, and all sorts of Girl Scout buzzy buzzy buzzy bee stuff!!!

Soooooooo, Olivia decided to have a sleep over and quilt all the Christmas Eve quilts herself!  We got hers done (the big one), Ethans (the medium one) and two eensey beensey ones for Nora & Noah.

Now here we are at 9:59pm!!!!  And Livi has finished but still wants to do more stuff like:  baking, present wrapping, dancing, karaoke, tease Po, etc. etc.  But Granny just wants to go to sleep! Zzzz.