Monday, August 29, 2016

203 Grandson Noah's Retro Happy Childhood Quilt

I feel such a good feeling in my heart when I picture our little grandson Noah growing up alongside additional siblings and many happy cousins.  This nostalgic print is so sweet and predicts a wonderful childhood of adventures and play with family and friends!  I am thrilled to my core for our beloved Andrew & Emily!

Noah & Nora playing and picnicking together!  (I think I spy a peekaboo of Grant and Charlotte, too!) 

Yes, indeed!  There is little Charlotte playing with Nora!  Such fun!

1 comment:

  1. WAAAAAAA!!! I wanna have a baby again and get one of your baby quilts that are so precious that my womb is calling out to me at 62 years of age to have JUST ONE MORE...
    Oh, o.k., maybe that's my over active bladder that's calling out to me. Never mind.
    This quilt is so awesome that I could stare at it forever. When Noah is born will you send me a picture of him wrapped up in this beauty? That would be double yummy:)