Tuesday, August 2, 2016

201 Marleine's Sampler Block Quilt

Years and years ago Marleine took a quilting class and made all these sampler blocks.  Then the blocks sat in a drawer, in Houston, until I chanced upon them when I visited in 2014/15.  Now that she and Dickie are coming up... I'm racing to finish before they arrive!  Bet MarMar has nearly forgotten about it.  Won't she be delighted to see her finished quilt?  I added the 16 cornerstones and all the sashing.  That should really surprise her.

I just LOVE samplers!

1 comment:

  1. whaaaaat? Oh my word, Marleine is going to be soooo excited! What a great way to start out their trip to Seattle. You are the most prolific quilter ever. I just KNOW there has to be a Guinness record somewhere in here!! The quilt turned out so lovely. You and Marleine did a great job. Now the big question is WHO will inherit this beauty one day? Ha!