Thursday, July 21, 2016

196 Candy Day 2 - Lexi High School Graduation

Today Candy's goal is to get Lexi's Graduation Quilt done.  It is a fabulous quilt that has all Lexi's sports T's put together in a delightful, colorful pattern!  Lexi competed in State all four years of her high school athletic career!  Karlie came to help us prepare the backing and load it onto the machine.  It sure makes all the pinning go fast with 3 pairs of hands!

As the saying goes,
"many hands make light work"
and Karlie sure helped us get the quilting done fast and efficiently!

Lexi, you have had an amazing and inspiration sports career!

1 comment:

  1. Oh goodness! I know that this t-shirt quilt presented a bit of a challenge with all the broken needles. But it was definitely worth it. This memory quilt is going to be so very special for Lexi through the years. Good job Candy!