Friday, July 8, 2016

194 Grandbaby Nora - Flowering Cherry Blossoms

Grandbaby Nora gets a Flowering Cherry Blossoms quilt!  And yes, if you are counting, my Grandies always get multiple quilts... it is a quilting Grannys' prerogative I guess.

I am in love.

I wanted to put a ruffled binding on, like I did for Olivia's first quilt; but it was just too hard, and would take way too long.
I practiced on it a bit and then surrendered.
In the meantime, I found this special binding called Flanged Binding.
I was satisfied I'd made it special for dear granddaughter Nora.
Missouri Star Quilters How to Make a Flange Binding:

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  1. cherry blossoms...oh my, how perfect is this??? And the backing is so pretty too. I'm a sucker for pink. And I think Nora has only just begun on her collection of Granny quilts! Ha.