Thursday, July 28, 2016

200 Callies 3-Fabric Baby Quilt + Recipe

1. FF - Large Print Feature Fabric (floral)
2. BKGRND - Plain high contract background fabric (light pink)
3. STAR - Plain high contrast fabric for the Star (dark pink)

FF - 9 each 7 1/2" squares
FF - 64 each 2 1/4" squares

BKGRND - 24 each 7 12" squaress
BKGRND - 64 each 2 1/4" squares
BKGRND - 32 each 4" squares

STAR - 72 each Triangles (use Marti Michell B9 Triangle acrylic template) [4.5x4.5x6 1/4]

1.  Sew 4 Triangles each onto all four corners of 12 BKGRND squares
2.  Sew 2 Triangles each onto two adjacent corners of 12 BKGRND squares
3.  Sew 32 Four Patch mini-blocks using all 64 of the BKGRND and FF 2 1/4" squares
4.  Sew 32 of the BKGRND squaress to the 32 Mini-4-Patch-Blocks; creating 16 large blocks
5.  Sew all rows together by following the above picture.

Future idea:  add fussy cuts to the center of the 12 light pink background squares for extra fun!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

199 Candy Day 5 - Kylie Rae

Candy is over at cousin John & Karlie's now... relaxed on their back deck under the shade sewing on the bindings of Kaiden and Kylie's quilts.  Endearing herself to those two little cousins forever! Here's Kylie's "Frozen" quilt which, I am sure, will make her dance and jump with joy!  I can just see her little face light up.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

198 Candy Day 4 - Kaiden's Cars Quilt

"Auntie" Candy is taking quilts to Kaiden and Kylie when she stays overnight at their Mimi's (Karlie's) house!  Boy oh boy, won't Auntie Candy be soooo popular!

Friday, July 22, 2016

197 Candy Day 3 - Mike & Sidney

Mike and Sidney are getting married in October!  Candy has made this gorgeous quilt for their wedding.  Today we will focus on getting it quilted!  It is a rainy summer day... PERFECT FOR QUILTING!

Smile Candy smile!  Breathe!  Relax those shoulders!

Such a perfect legacy quilt for the beloved newlyweds!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

196 Candy Day 2 - Lexi High School Graduation

Today Candy's goal is to get Lexi's Graduation Quilt done.  It is a fabulous quilt that has all Lexi's sports T's put together in a delightful, colorful pattern!  Lexi competed in State all four years of her high school athletic career!  Karlie came to help us prepare the backing and load it onto the machine.  It sure makes all the pinning go fast with 3 pairs of hands!

As the saying goes,
"many hands make light work"
and Karlie sure helped us get the quilting done fast and efficiently!

Lexi, you have had an amazing and inspiration sports career!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

195 Candy Day 1 - Madison Grace

A cutie quilt for great grandaughter Madison Grace!  She is going to love it!

Candy & "Millie" the Gammill Long Arm machine getting reacquainted.
Madison Grace is going to so warm in this Frozen quilt.

Friday, July 8, 2016

194 Grandbaby Nora - Flowering Cherry Blossoms

Grandbaby Nora gets a Flowering Cherry Blossoms quilt!  And yes, if you are counting, my Grandies always get multiple quilts... it is a quilting Grannys' prerogative I guess.

I am in love.

I wanted to put a ruffled binding on, like I did for Olivia's first quilt; but it was just too hard, and would take way too long.
I practiced on it a bit and then surrendered.
In the meantime, I found this special binding called Flanged Binding.
I was satisfied I'd made it special for dear granddaughter Nora.
Missouri Star Quilters How to Make a Flange Binding: