Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mini Cuddle Quilts For The Grand Kitties

The second I heard Andrew & Emily got two little kitties today, I just had to quickly make cuddle quilts for each.  Soft, warm polar fleece on one side, and then "I Love Mommy, I Love Daddy" flannel on the other side for the soon-to-be parents.  Smokey got the grey one, Bear got the brown one.  They love them!  Everyone got a kick out of me being so silly, to make my "Grand Kitties" quilts on their first day home.  Such fun!

I was still hand-sewing the binding when we got there to meet them!



Thursday, June 16, 2016


I am so excited!  My daughter is having her third child, a little baby girl named Nora.  When I asked her what type of a quilt she'd like for this precious grandbaby, she said, "Flowering Cherry Blossoms & Chubby Song Birds!"  I thought that was adorable!  The biggest challenge was finding pretty cherry blossom fabric and sweet song bird fabric.  Tracey was a huge help!  Here's the first quilt I've made for Nora; and of course you know there are more to come!

Our precious little flowering cherry blossom... our little chubby songbird

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

192 Baby Quilt for Sarah's HS BFF Sarah's baby

It is the season of babies.  My Sarah has a high school BFF who is having a baby girl.  Both Sarah's are pregnant at the same time.  So a double baby shower is happening in a couple of weeks.  I'm sewing like crazy!  This retro fabric happy scrappy has a cute lady bug backing.  Sweet!

And here they are... the two Sarah's newborn daughters born 23 hours apart

Thursday, June 9, 2016

191 Lou's First Grandchild - Neah Bay Baby Quilt

Lou is going to have her first grandchild!  And I am so excited for her.  This sweet happy scrappy was started by Benji, an adorable little middle school boy who attended Lou's son Curtiss' youth retreat in Neah Bay.  I finished it up.  I think Curtiss will especially enjoy this baby quilt for his first son, because it was stitched by one of his very own teens from is youth group :)

Here we all are, squished into the little bus

Hike to Shi Shi Beach

Breathtaking beaches

Sweet Lou and Karen

Thursday, June 2, 2016

190 Tracey's Beautiful Wedding Gift Quilt

Oh Tracey and her beautiful colors and patterns!  Aren't the Bride & Groom going to love this one?  Lucky couple!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

189 Baby Phoebe's Quilt

Joel's 'sister is having her first baby this summer.  I am so glad I still have some of Joel's Moms' fabric left.  Ellen's little, Phoebe, will have a quilt from her Grandma Kathy, just like the other Grandchildren.

update:   here is adorable baby Phoebe snuggled in her quilt!