Monday, May 9, 2016

183 Candy makes her Sister Nancy a Cuddle Quilt

Oh the beautiful, vibrant colors my darling cousin-sister, Candy, chose for her sweet sister Nancy's birthday.  Absolutely beautiful.  Nancy is going to love this cuddle quilt!  Good job Candy!  You are a dandy!  Now keep-a-sewin, my wonderful Candy, because the list is long:  Andrea, Michael, Sheanne, Lexi, Levi, Sammie, ... who have I forgotten?  I know Deborah has one, and I know Madison got one when she was born, but now that she is a big girl, she needs another one!  Candy, sew!  Sew, Candy, sew!

Fun, cheerful fabric with an extra special backing!

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  1. I got my quilt from Candy last night & l love, love, love it! Wow, this is so gorgeous. I will treasure it forever. Thank you so much for your quilting work on it. I love youa