Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Fabric Angel of Astonishing Proportions

Approx. 55 yards.  I can make 5-6 queen size quilts; or 8-10 happy scrappy snuggle quilts; or 14-16 baby quilts.
     I don’t know what in the world I did to deserve my very own personal Fabric Angel!  She appeared this week amidst the chaos of a second floor remodel, millworkers, painters, a house guest who needed some lovin’ and birthday attention; not to mention the starting up of my second semester class and the concluding of my first semester class, including final exams and report cards.  Oh yeah, did I mention Girl Scout cookie presales, bling-our-booths sewing & decorating, detailed back-and-forth communications between vendor and parents re:  registration for the spring culminating event + bridging + the library computer lab troop registration/programming/confirmations, etc.  Whew!
     Yes, a Fabric Angel.  A Fabric Angel appeared in my life.  And she said she was my Fabric Angel because she was doing penance.  Ha!  That cracked me up.  We won’t tell what she was doing penance for, it would give away the mystery of who my Angel is.  Plus, every story is best when plenty of mystery is sprinkled in.  Not to mention that if I told you what she was doing penance for, you’d reply, “That’s silly!  She shouldn’t have to do penance for that!”
     Little did my Fabric Angel know but it is the JoAnn’s President Door Buster Sale this weekend.  I definitely was not going to be participating, even though the sales would save me bundles and bundles throughout the next six months of quilting.  Nope, there was nothing in the McBudget for me this weekend.  Thousands were being spent, out of our saving account, to cover the unexpected opportunity to get the upstairs mill-work and paint completed so our downstairs would match our upstairs.  We’d pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that we’d be living in a “conflicted” home for another year or two; the first floor of the house sparkling in 2016 refreshed splendor while the second floor continued to enjoy its’ 1980’s duller decor. 
     My Fabric Angel has always been my Angel.  She’s been my Angel since I was in my baby days, learning to talk.  She’s watched after me, bolstered me when I was whiney, chided me when I was bratty, slapped a kudo on my back when I was behavin’ and slapped me other places when I was being a complainin’ fool.  Ya gotta love Angels like this.  Everyone needs Angels like this.  Oh how blessed I am to have my Angel.  My oh my, how do I find the words to express how precious, how appreciated, how fun, how… well, let’s leave it at:  she is my “exhale.”
     I knew she’d understand how much fun it was to shop the Presidents Doorbuster sale today, especially since I'd planned on denying myself!  I wanted her to know about the buzz inside my bloodstream as I took advantage of the 50% off plus 20% off total purchase couponing game we play at JoAnn’s.  I had a fellow shopper take a picture of me during my buzzy-buzzy-shopping-extravaganza in the 50% off all the previously marked 50% off clearance remnants.  50% off of 50% off?!!?!!  Yes!  $8.00 dollar fabric was clearanced to $4.00 dollars and then, for Presidents Day, it was another 50% - which brought it down to $2.00 a yard fabric!  Buzz buzz!
     She gave me this delicious book, years ago, when she was thinking of me and wanting to encourage me in my hobby of quilting.  I have enjoyed this story, time and time again; read it to myself, looked over the patterns, read it aloud to my grandchildren and daydreamed silly fantasies of being this long white haired quilter who quilts and quilts and quilts as she strives to “make the world a softer place.”  Yes, that is me.  I really do want to make the world a softer place.  And I really, really do feel like I get closer with every quilt I give.  My quilts are my hugs.  When you cuddle in your quilt, you are snuggling in my arms.  You are being loved by me.  And my Fabric Angel knows that.  She knows that oh so well.  Aren’t we fortunate when someone knows us viscerally?  It is such a comfort; a deep comforting comfort to be known… to be understood… to be thought well of… to be cherished despite weaknesses and failings.  Deep sigh.
     Dear Fabric Angel, have I expressed my gratitude enough so you know how I loved this fabric treat?  Have my pictures shown you how much I stretched your generous dollars?  The receipt said I saved more than I spent! I just love it when that happens.  Can you believe how much fabric you’ve contributed to my cause?  Aren’t you rejoicing in being a partner in all of this quilty-fun?  The only thing that would have made it even sweeter is if you had been able to shop with me.  Please come soon and be my cutting & ironing buddy.  I miss you so much!
                                                                                                  Thank you.  Thank you so much.  XO  
I laid it all out so my Fabric Angel could see how much fabric I was able to get.  Each stretch is 4 yards!
I added up the yardage... I was able to get 55 yards.  That is astonishing.  The bill came to $135.00  That means each yard averaged $2.45 per yard.  That is impossible.  Typically yardage is $5.00-8.00 per yard.
That means this would have regularly cost $275.00 - $400.00 dollars!

Me (white haired quilter) and my Angel


  1. this is an OVERWHELMING amount of fabric! I am astonished (as always) at your uber thrifty ability to stretch that dollar to epic amounts. I think there should be a special award for this. You'd get it so often that it would end up being ridiculous maybe it isn't a good idea. I loved seeing all your fabric laid out. Thanks for showing it here Robs. And of course your ability to weave together a great story is always warming to my heart. Your fabric angel is probably very pleased with your tribute. Keep on quilting the world my sweet cousin. You are the real angel!!

  2. I've done the math and clearly your quilting angel owes you another 60 bucks!