Wednesday, February 3, 2016

178 Erica's Pink for Baby Girl Quilt

I know Erica is looking forward to having lots and lots of pink now that she is having a Baby Girl.  I hope this is pink enough for you, Erica :)

Baby shower in just 2 days... once again, I barely make it in time!  Whew!

Ready for the Baby Shower:
"The Laundry"
Quilt, Baby Towel, Burp Cloths, Polar Fleece Newborn Snuggler Mini-Blankie,
Aden + Anais Wearable Blanket, "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" bibs,
Laundry Basket and Dreft.
(Just wanted to make myself a list, seems I'm always forgetting some part of this or another)

1 comment:

  1. You can NEVER have too much pink!! Go sweet cousin, and quilt the world in pink. It will be a better place for it!