Thursday, January 28, 2016

177 Lilly gets a Texas Quilt like new big sister

What a joy!  What a delight!  What a precious little new addition!  Lilly is Texas Ryann's new foster sister and she is so adorable, so fun, so lively and bright that I just had to get a "Lil Sis Texas Quilt" made for her!  Welcome, Lilly, we love you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

176 Makayla's Happy Scrappy a bit early

Makayla's quilt was scheduled for June 2020 when she graduates from high school, but I just couldn't wait.  She needed her quilt now, and so I did a rush job with some of the squares being slightly bigger than my regular Happy Scrappies.  But I know Makayla agrees that NOW is the time for her quilt.  Cuzzie Makayla, you are beautiful and adored and surrounded by love.

Your Mama said you love turquoise and blues.

Dear KK, with every stitch I sew a prayer into this quilt for our precious Makayla.  Looking forward, as I know you and she both are, to having her operation over, getting her recovered strong & better than ever before, and having her snuggled up in her quilt all smiles and happiness!  Love, Robin

Makayla got to come home from the hospital on Valentine's Day.  Everyone was rejoicing in the answered prayers!  I still had the label to sew on, but had successfully been able to get the binding sewn on and the quilt washed & dried for scrumptious Downy softness, amidst ALL the clamor going on at my house.  (The millwork guy and the painters were working away furiously, trying to get the upstairs refreshed, Kev n I were sleeping in the family room, Melanie had come up for her birthday and was sleeping in the sewing room.  The house was dusty chaos).  Between Sunday School duties with The Grandies, and supervising the painters removing all their equipment and then sweetly setting up the two beds, not to mention a quick Painters Staff + Spouse + baby boyValentine's Lunch on back patio... I was sneaking in stitches on Makayla's label.  Suddenly I got the reminder phone call from our dear neighbors of 29+ years confirming tonights 3rd annual Valentine's Double Date; oh my goodness, where was my brain?!  Yes, of course we'd be ready to pick them up at 5pm!  Yet, I was still so determined Makayla would sleep under her cozy, comfort quilt  "THE EXACT DAY SHE CAME HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL" and yet it was an hour & a half drive.  When would I squeeze this delivery-of-my-heart in?!  Kev made it clear he wasn't going to make such a unnecessary drive out to the foothills of the Cascades at 8pm on a dark, rainy night. I guess I was going to try to find my cousins' country house, for the first time, all by myself...

8pm arrive.  And none of you will will be surprised to read that my darling, exhausted, Kev ended up driving me and the 'She's GOT to have her quilt tonight!' quilt.  The drive "To" our destination was a nail-biter, Kev was tense due to the dark and rainy weather; and I was tense as I sat in the passenger seat, thinking maybe I was a foolish old woman.  Not to mention I was still stitching on the label in the pitch-dark using the light of my cell phone.  (see pic)  Kev barked at me when my cell phone camera flashed as I took this on-the-road picture, but I just couldn't help myself - as I'm inclined toward the dramatic.  I kept thinking, what in the world will the family think, if we get in an accident simply because of this unnecessary delivery-of-my-heart?  Even our 85 year old Valentine Double Dates had both, at first, said, "Wait until the morning!"  But then I told them what our beloved Makayla had been through this past week; whereupon they both instantly changed their mind and emphatically stated, "She must have her quilt tonight!"

9pm delivery.  In the end, it will not surprise you to hear, it was so incredible well worth it.  Kev & I both sighed with the delicious sense of a job-well-done as we wrapped Makayla in her cozy, comfort quilt with her favorite colors.  Her sweet smile spread across her face, and she felt loved, cherished and acknowledged; for she now felt, in a very tangible way, that we knew and honored the indescribable journey she had just endured.  And Super Mama, KK, smiled a weary smile as she watched us loving on her baby girl.


Family love on a very dark & rainy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

175 A Blue, Blue Baby Quilt for Katie's son Levi

I made two blue "baby boy" quilts at the same time, since my dear Katie (one of my high school small group girls from years ago) has had her second child, a sweet baby boy.  Katie told me, last Sunday at church, that her daughter sleeps under her baby quilt every night.  :)   Now all I have to do is get the binding on, and the label done.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

174 Born Today! Dawson Stephen welcome to our family

update:  one month old and all snuggled up in the quilt...

David and Rachael wanted to keep the gender of their third child unknown til birth.  Well, at 5:30AM they welcomed their third son into God's wonderful world.  Welcome sweet Dawson, you are loved! Happy BIRTHday!  XO

Hello everyone, I'm under an hour old!