Tuesday, July 21, 2015

156 Cousin Ava's Happy Scrappy Pinks & Purples

Hope Cousin Ava is happy to find her very own Happy Scrappy for her visit in August.  I did my best to pull all the pinks and purples from my scrap stash... hopefully she likes it.  I'm working fast and furious to try to have Saundy's done, and scrappys for both Ava and Aidan.  Whew!

Playroom aka sleeping room ready, including the discovery of their very own quilts :)
Livi added her artwork to Ava's quilt label too :)


  1. "Auntie" Robin, Ava's VERY happy with her scrappy quilt. The colors are perfect for this girly/tomboy. ;-). She slept under it every night on our Seattle Tour, dragging from your house to "Auntie" Karlie's & on to Uncle Wayne's!! Lots of love!! You are a miracle worker, appreciated & loved. Xoxo. alb.

  2. Ava's sweet smile says it all, Auntie Robbie, you are DA BOMB!! I love her purpley pink quilt and all the personal stuff you added on back. You are SOOOO creative!