Tuesday, January 27, 2015

142 Uncle Doug's Blue Eyes

We are all going to miss our beloved Uncle Doug's blue eyes.  Everyone please keep Auntie Bev in your prayers.  Specifically for her desire to read the Bible and for her loneliness.  These are her requests.  And we will all rejoice in having had such a wonderful man of faith in our lives. Wonderful, joyous, huggable, fun Uncle Doug.

I am so glad Auntie Bev loves her quilt.  My heart... my heart.

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  1. Every morning when I go to mom's I fold this quilt over the foot of her bed after it's made. She especially uses it on the chilly nights of fall and winter, but it stays within sight all day long. It has helped her get through this difficult first year of Daddy being with the Lord rather than by her side as he had been for 69 years. Thank you sweet Robbie for the love that went into this precious quilt. I am well aware of your very special love for this one that was as like a Father to you. I love you my dear sister/cousin