Saturday, December 27, 2014

141 Brave Olivia Quilts Her Luvvy Into "NewLuvvy"

LiviLuv's original "blankie" was affectionately called "Luvvy"
Luvvy had gotten loved and washed and dried and loved to the point it was as thin as a kleenex tissue.
Mama told Livi that she feared Luvvy might completely dissolve if it went through the washing machine one more time.
So, after a year of cautious consideration, Olivia was finally courageous enough to quilt Luvvy into the middle of "NewLuvvy" and it looks like the plan turned out...

...with a happy ending!  Whew!

Since we had to be pretty careful quilting NewLuvvy, I promised Olivia she could doodle-quilt a quick little whale quilt for her little brother.  Boy oh boy, holiday vacations are fun!

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  1. OOOOOHHHHH, this makes me want to come to Seattle just for a play date with Olivia!!