Saturday, December 27, 2014

141 Brave Olivia Quilts Her Luvvy Into "NewLuvvy"

LiviLuv's original "blankie" was affectionately called "Luvvy"
Luvvy had gotten loved and washed and dried and loved to the point it was as thin as a kleenex tissue.
Mama told Livi that she feared Luvvy might completely dissolve if it went through the washing machine one more time.
So, after a year of cautious consideration, Olivia was finally courageous enough to quilt Luvvy into the middle of "NewLuvvy" and it looks like the plan turned out...

...with a happy ending!  Whew!

Since we had to be pretty careful quilting NewLuvvy, I promised Olivia she could doodle-quilt a quick little whale quilt for her little brother.  Boy oh boy, holiday vacations are fun!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

140 Tracey's Quilt for Friend in Need

Tracey had all the students create cheerful art for their teacher who is having health challenges.  Isn't it going to bring her such joy!

Friday, December 19, 2014

139 Kuzzin Karlie's Kristmas "Tree" Tree Skirt

Tuesday night was fun, fun, fun!  Remember last Christmas when Kuzzin Karlie quilted all those ADORABLE family Christmas stockings in each color of the rainbow?  Each color represented each member of the family...  well this year Klever Karlie made a koordinating tree skirt.  And it is beautiful, whimsical and precious!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

138 Deborah's "Get Better Soon" Quilt

Beloved Texas cousin, Deborah, is having back surgery today.  Deborah's Mama, my sister-cousin, Candy, whipped a quilt top together and got it up here pronto... I added my sewing sensibilities onto it... a little whack & sew and voila' - a recovery quilt for Deb that will be enjoyed way beyond recovery!  Candy, you and I make excellent quilting pardners!

Taken good care of Mom!

Recovery going well, Deb feeling much better!!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

137 Cathy's Quilt for Dad

Dad continues to impress us with his amazing passion for his profession and his noteworthy work ethic.  He is helping to raise the Amazon Towers in downtown Seattle.  He is a dedicated "company man" and an asset to all who work alongside him.  His company knows this and accommodates him so that he can continue doing what he does best.  We are so proud of his "get it done" no nonsense methods, and have learned much from him.  Here is Cathy's perfect "Dad the Downtown Seattle Construction Man" quilt that will rest on the backside of his couch in his family room.  Cathy - you have exquisite taste.

Did I mention Dad will be 72 years old in just a few weeks?  He laughs his way to work each morning, as he says, "They are paying me to do my hobby."  :) 

Isn't it just "perfect" for Dad's family room couch?  Cathy has such a natural "Designers Eye!"