Tuesday, November 4, 2014

136 Sister Troop "Sit Upon" Quilt

Our local Girl Scout Sister Troops' Leader Mary looked longingly at my troops' "Sit Upon" quilt as we successfully got all the little girls to sit down please!  After the troop meeting Mary looked at me longingly with her adorable smile and big round eyes and said, "Gee, I sure would like to have a quilt like that for my troop!  It's a miracle!  They actually all sit still and listen, and don't crowd in on you when you are showing them stuff!"  You could tell Mary was thinking the scouts behave better on the 'magic' quilt.  Ha ha ha.  Mary asked sheepishly, "Do you think you could possibly make me a quilt?" Oh my goodness, I've heard that request a time or two!  I abruptly growled, midst the chaos of all the little scouts, "Get in line sister!"  I grumbled.  Lifting her shoulders up toward her ears, Mary raised her eyebrows, scanned the bedlam, and flashed me her irresistible side grin.  I snarled at her.

Later that night, in the quiet of my empty nest, I heard cutey-patootie Mary's voice over and over in my head.  "Do you think you could make me a troop "sit upon" quilt?"  Deep sigh.  In the morning, after a cup of coffee, I scrounged through my fabric stash and found some of that $1 a pound stuff. Yes, sweet Mary, with your big round eyes... I can make your troop a "sit upon" quilt.   :)

Now do me a favor, Mary... send me a picture of the finished "sit upon" graphics
that you & your scouts create.  And a picture of all of them 'sitting upon it!'

Sunday, November 2, 2014

135 Candy's Quilt for Mary

We are all praying for Mary as she fights a battle with cancer.  All Mary's loved ones expressed their thoughts & prayers & verses on squares in hopes of "hugging" Mary with a cuddle quilt.  We love you Mary! XO