Sunday, October 5, 2014

134 Teddy's Mt. Hood Lap Quilt

Way back in 1946, when they were young and beautiful, Kevin's Mom, Teddy fell in love with Kevin's Dad up at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood.  Teddy was the lodge waitress and upstairs room maid, he was the ski lift operator.  Their romantic courtship included sparkling evening cross country ski treks and stolen kisses under the full moon.  It was such a sweet love story that the nationally syndicated radio show called "Bride & Groom" flew them to Southern California to be married on the radio!  The radio audience loved the idea of falling in love on top of a beautiful mountain!
So this Christmas, I'm sure Teddy, my sweet mother-in-law will be thrilled to receive her Mt. Hood lap quilt, and reminisce about those sweet and exhilarating days.

8 of this block plus...

8 of this block

Teddy LOVES the retro 1930's snow skiers.  She's already picked out A.J. and herself.
She says this is A.J....

...and this is her.  Isn't that precious?  What a romantic love story.