Wednesday, September 10, 2014

133 Jason's Thank You Quilt for helping Kevin with his Bucket List

Kevin's bucket list dream-come-true 1956 Chevy Truck restoration looks like it might finally be coming true, thanks to Jason's incredible talents and heart.  And of course, my gratitude pours out in a comfy quilt for him!  Thank you, Jason, from the bottom of our hearts!

Monday, September 1, 2014

132 Babys' Clothes Quilt made by Shiloh - Mother of Five

She likes it!
A couple years ago, while in Houston, we had ourselves a little sewing bee with Shiloh's babys' clothes.  (Is that grammatically correct???).  Shiloh finished all the squares and mailed them to me for sashing and quilting.  Now the quilt will be carried back to Texas by Bob & Nancy & Dallen when they visit here in a couple weeks.  This quilt is sentimental and precious.  It will be a treasure all five will love:  Keisen, Dallen, Layton, Brennan and Rowan.