Saturday, August 9, 2014

130 Ruthie's Quilt - 50 years of friendship

Ruthie has been my friend since 2nd grade.  She and I got to know each other when the teacher sat me next to her during Art Time.  I copied her wonderful picture of an apple tree.  Ruthie didn't like me copying her.  

But now, after 50 years, she's gotten over it and laughs whenever she hears me talking about how I "recently" drew her apple tree again.  Last Sunday, in fact, when I was trying to inspire the 2nd Graders at Table Time in Sunday School. 

Maybe her colorful apple tree is why I love bright, bold colors in my Happy Scrappy quilts?  

OK Ruthie, here's your very own Happy Scrappy Quilt made with love from one of your BFF's.  XO
Ruthie's Happy Scrappy Quilt - my favorite quilts to make!  Below are some of my favorite squares in the quilt:

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