Friday, August 1, 2014

128 Judi's Grandson Isaacs' Quilt

Update!  oh how I just love these updates!  Issac... you are scrumptious!
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And here is a cute Pinwheel Quilt for precious Judi's Grandson Isaac who will be here in September.  The Baby Shower is in a few weeks and we've sewn mama-to-be Rachel a laundry basket full of things:  nursing apron, hooded baby towel, lots of flannel-covered burp diapers, the quilt, a polar fleece blankey for stroller or car seat.  Plus the Dreft and the baby boy hangars and the closet "sizes" dividers.  And we're headed to the store to complete the "Laundry Shower Basket" by getting washcloths, bath toys, "I Love Grandma" bibs and more!  I love bringing this basket to baby showers, it is always fun.
Sweet retro fabric with little boys playing and riding trike

Side-by-side Sewing Grannies

Another BFF memory to add to the books

Pinwheels made the fast & easy way:
sew 1/4" seam all the way around the squares, slice into 4 pizza pieces, resew, viola!

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