Monday, July 21, 2014


Cori suggested "pebbles" quilting.  Great idea!

Ugh, three days of Jury Duty right smack dab in the middle of the best summer days ever, and Tracey calls me to join her on a ferry ride over to Island Quilter on Vashon Island!  Boy oh boy, was I ever glad when the last juror called WASN'T my name.  The ferry ride was beautiful, Mount Rainier stood tall in the background.  Island Quilter has so many fabric choices, I got overwhelmed and selected a grouping designed to go together.  I think I was nervous, becfause this was expensive fabric, and I'm so used to buying discounted fabric at $3, $4, $5 and $6 dollars a yard.  Next time... I'm going to not second guess myself and go with what I really, really like.  I'm going to copy that wonderful blue quilt pictured below and use the crisp, classic blue and white color spectrum!

Update:  I ended up hating the quilt!  Too graphic.  I was so disappointed.  Here I'd finally splurged on fine fabric, trying to live down my budget-minded McFabric reputation and surprise Tracey and Cori with GOOD FABRIC... and I end up not liking it at all.  So then Karlie comes over, sees it on the long arm and goes berserk!  "I love it, I love it, I absolutely LOVE THIS QUILT!  It matches John's & my bedroom decor to a tee!" she exclaims.  I said, "Your kidding!?  Well, guess what, KuzzieWuzzie... IT'S YOURS!"

So Karlie got the quilt!  ;)

Now I gotta go get all that blue fabric and make the one I really want for Kev & mine's bedroom.  Deep sigh.  Ha ha ha ha ha!

Island Quilter was a feast of colors for the eyes!  Here's Tracey and the Owner.
basic square with large dark print

basic square with large grey print

The quilt in the Island Quilter window that inspired me.  Now I want to do a blue one.

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  1. LOVE the yellow, black, white quilt Karlie "stole" away. It's perfect on the Kirkhams bed. Smart, K, smart!