Sunday, June 29, 2014

121 Hana's Quilt

Abba, I pray, with every stitch in this quilt, (and I would guess there are over one hundred thousand stitches), that You would please heal Hana.  Please, Father, heal sweet little Hana.  Thank you, Father.  Amen.

Friday, June 27, 2014

120 Erica's soon-to-be Baby Boy Quilt

Fun times in the studio yesterday with Erica, Laura and Kara.  Erica's baby boy is due in early September.  "Grandma" Laura enjoyed watching the quilting process so she can put her quilt on the machine someday soon.  Erica's friend, Kara, is a quilter who currently enjoys hand-quilting.  Kara tried out her "continuous line" stitching to see what it is like to quilt on a long arm machine.  All in all, a fun and productive day!

Mother-to-be Erica focusing on her "Circles Within A Circle" continuous line stitching
"Grandma-to-be" Laura and "Mother-to-be" Erica
Hand quilter Kara gives "long arm quilting" a try
The girls wanted to see if the stitching looked "just right" from the bottom side of the quilt

Monday, June 23, 2014


Treasures from the annual $1 a pound fabric sale.
Rough calculation:
60+ yards valued between $3-$12.00 per yard (average $5.00) = $300.00 conservative estimate retail value.  There is a full bolt (12yds); plus 10 yards of Kaufman designer, plus 10yds of 100% cotton flannel; plus six of the fabrics are at least 6yds long each... so you can see my yardage estimate is conservative.  There might even be 70yds total...
My cost?
$1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 +
$1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 +
$1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 + $1 +
Did you figure out how many pounds I bought?
Did you figure out how much $$$ I saved?
Exciting, isn't it!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

119 Traceys' MOLA Quilt for Theresa

Tracey's college roommate, Theresa, picked up these prints called a Mola, in Panama, where her parents live.  Her parents sailed to Panama years ago, and now have a home there.  The mola is part of the traditional costume of Kuna women.  Each mola has intricate handwork, with cut-away and applique.  Now Theresa has a beautiful quilt to enjoy her favorite mola patterns.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

118 Kuzzin Katey's Kwilt

Katey is graduating from high school in just a week or so.  She selected these fabrics and we think it "looks just like her!"  Classic, sporty, bright & young, and yet... that flash of girly-pink.  That's our Katey! Congratulations Kates, we are proud of you!

this simple pieced-square plus...
...this solid square with complex design makes...
...this fun secondary pattern!
Beautiful family.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

117 Mary's Grandsons' Graduation Quilt

I ran a very fast, large scale stipple over my friend, Mary's, grandsons' graduation quilt today.  A month late... but hopefully in time for his commencement.  Whew!
6-22-14 update:  Mary says her grandson LOVES it!