Monday, May 12, 2014

116 Sally's Beautiful Flying Geese

Sally used the Eleanor Burn's flying geese template method to make herself a cheery, pretty quilt.  And we tried to come up with a continuous stitch that would honor all that corner piecing work.  Sally's piecing skills and long arming skills are getting really, really good!  This is one of the prettiest quilts, perfect for spring!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

115 Andrew & Emily's Wedding Quilt

The New Mr. & Mrs. selected their fabric choices together...
After standing in front of Andrew & Emily's Wedding Quilt for two weeks, tracing my finger over all the possible "continuous line" patterns... I took my first long-arm stitches today.  Whew!  Now I'm on a roll.  Andrew & Em might hope to have their wedding quilt on their six month anniversary?  Well, that's better than Joel & Sarah, who got theirs six years and two children later!
9' x 9' for our very tall couple.
This square and...

...this square combine to make such a rich pattern...

Isn't that interesting!
June 11, 2014 FINISHED!  (just in time for their 6 month anniversary)  can you find the humility square?