Friday, March 28, 2014

113 Ethan's 2 Year Birthday Curious George Sock Monkey Quilt

A long time ago I found this fun Sock Monkey fabric.  Then, while I rode on the plane to Texas Spring 2013 I copied the Curious George book illustrations onto muslin.  Then, just as I was racing to complete this quilt for Ethan's two year birthday, Auntie Emily said she had some yellow Sock Monkey fabric in the same fabric line!  Viola!  A one of a kind, storybook quilt for Ethan to enjoy.
2 Years Old!

The front would have been blase' without Auntie Emily's yellow Sock Monkey fabric.

I like how the back turned out
Kite flier rescued
George sneaking out of jail
This one made me smile
George knows how to have a good time

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