Monday, December 16, 2013

102 & 103 Grandies' Christmas Puppy Blankies


I am BEHIND on...
...The Wedding Quilt - countdown... 30 days! previous high school Small Group girl, dear Katie B, Baby Girl Quilt, due January 11th
...beloved daughter-in-law Emily's seven bridesmaids' Quilted Jewelry Travel Cases due in 28 days
...the 4 Portland Loved Ones' Quilts for Pat, Mel, Elizabeth and sweet Teddy's Retro Mount Hood Skiers Quilt that will give her such happiness because she and A.J. fell in love when they were "The Handsome Ski Life Operator & Beautiful Timberline Lodge Waitress" sweethearts in 1946.  Completion goal was THIS Christmas
...Portland loved ones:  Matt, Willie, Uncle Ted & Bonnie, their Robin & hubby & two little ones, Jesse
...Auntie Marie's "Real" Quilt, completion goal... LAST YEAR troops' Girl Scout Cookie Pillowcases, so they can have visions of cookies dancing in their heads this February :) own sister Cathy's Quilt
...graduating Senior Kuzzie Kateys' Quilt
...Kuzzie Saundys' Earthy Greens & Taupe Quilt own Buggy Barn quilt
...Cuzzies Jonathan, Anna Grace and Benjamin who are FREEZING up in Wisconsin
...Saundys' Oregon Sister Girl Scouts Quilted Banner for meetings & parades
...the Spring 2014 Auction Quilt I said "yes" to during that temporary moment of insanity when I forgot the words "no, I can't possibly do that" existed and should be used; as I looked into the respectful, sincere eyes of of one of the sweetest Mama's Co-Leaders in my Girl Scout DAISY Troop
...Cuzzie Alana's Cuddle Quilt as a thank you for all Dad's gourmet freezer meals
...Cuzzie Rowan's Cuddle Quilt as we encourage a little Pen Pal fun between Livi & her Texas Cuz
...Kindred Spirit Quilts for lifetime girlfriends:  since 2nd grade - Colette & Ruthie
...Cuzzie Cuddler Quilts for all the rest of my unquilted cuzzies:  Bill & Marcy, Ron, Bill & Anita, Mike & Candy, all the 2nd & 3rd Cousins I have in Pacific NW & Oregon, all the 2nd & 3rd Cousins I have in Texas
...Dad just requested a Couch Cuddler, which I found so deliciously adorable, I have to get on that one right away
...Bob & Marit, Steve & Kari, Mike & Stacey, and the offspring of all these family-friends
...David & Rachel Cuddle Quilt, plus their second baby (hope it's a girl!) due this spring
...the annual King's auction for Olivia
...Livi's dear afterschool care provider - sweet Nancy
...Ethan's Curious George & GrannyNanny Art Quilt
...Kevin & My Christmas Quilt
...the 5 or 6 quilts that are partially completed in the storage boxes under my long arm that I can barely renimber what they are and who they are for!
...6 more of my DAISY's to quilt astonishing helpful & gracious CTE Admn Assistant Rena who does so much for me at work that she deserves 10 quilts
...Sharon S's gave me two of her grandma's quilt tops to restore and then quilt & bind
...UMCI Family Picnic Raffle Quilt that I want to give every August

Oh well, at least I have a list.

And what was the point of all this?  The fact that I had NO BUSINESS buying the cutest Christmas Puppy Fabric & Yummy soft doggie polar fleece yesterday at the Super Duper Whopper Hancock Fabric Sale and spending a Sunday afternoon whipping together two Grandie Christmas Cuddlers.  Except, when it comes to my Grandies, I lose ALL common sense and find myself smiling as I imagine how adorable and happy they will be snuggled under their Christmas Puppy Quilts on Christmas Eve! 

but seriously, how could a Granny's Heart resist:

Woof!  Ho Ho Ho
The backing is the softest doggy polar fleece you've ever felt.
Sweet Dreams, my little Christmas Eve Grandies.
Sweetest sugarplum dreams!

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  1. uhhhhh, well duh! Those two cuties are ALWAYS going to be at the top of that long list and we know it! That sure is great quilting material Robs, and I love that you are building up that stack of quilts for those two. What a treasure that will be for them always.