Wednesday, December 4, 2013

101 Karlie's Kwilted Christmas Stockings

Leave it to Kuzzie Karlie to figure out the neatest, brightest, most adorable Kwilted Kristmas Stocking project for her expanding family!  She found brilliant jewel tone fabrics and sewed them together patchwork style.  She made 10 squares, each with their own color feature:  red, yellow, blue, green, orange (John's stocking OF COURSE!), purple, turquoise, light purple, light blue and light green.  Each square absolutely SPARKLED!  Karlie was a fast learner as she quilted each square.  I'll post a picture of all her family with their individualized Christmas Stockings once she finished cutting and sewing them.  Can't wait!
Super bright & cheery... yeah, Karlie and the Kristmas Stocking Kwilt Squares :)

Kwick Study Karlie

She is so klever

and loves bright jewel-tone kolors just like me


  1. ah HA!! So that's what those little quilting projects were that she was teasing us on guessing their purpose on facebook! Leave it to Karlie to be the oh so creative one. I love these so much. I hope she's making enough for ALL the grandkids she's going to have in the future too!