Sunday, November 10, 2013

Millie and The QGP's

So Cory & Tracy & Robin were working hard, problem-solving, brainstorming, adjusting, fixing, tightening, loosening, guessing, looking, figuring, and all-around-scratching-our-heads at why the long arm wasn't working so well. 
  • thread floating on the top of the quilt
  • thread floating on the bottom of the quilt
  • thread breaking
  • basic long arming YUCK!
They started blaming it on "That machine"
I started blaming it on "Them!"
You can see where things were heading:

My Quilter Gal Pals being naughty 
"Quilter Gal Pals, listen up!  Ya gotta talk nice to her!" I admonished as I petted my dear old long arm. 

I began to whisper sweet nothings to my sensitive little long armie.  "Don't pay ANY to my Quilter Gal Pals today, Hunny Bunny, they don't mean it and they love you dearly."  I petted her and blew kisses to her sweet little old tuckered-out knobs and dials.
At this point my QGP's were now rolling their cute little eyeballs and snickering behind my back.  Cory snickers to Tracy, "Oh boy, now she's talkin' to It!"  Tracy snickers to Cory, "Yeah, just look at her, the little weirdo!" 

"I can hear you QGP's snickering behind my back... I'm a teacher ya know!  I have eyes and ears behind my head," I squelched at them!

My QGP's straightened right up!

"Now let's start being nice to her and treating her like the tender hearted, precious little grand lady that she is," I commanded!

The QGP's were quiet for a few moments.  Cory was the first to get the picture and quickly recovered with a great idea:  "Hey Robin, we should call her Millie!  You know, like since she's a Gammill, and her formal name is probably Gaah-Mill, we can call her Millie for short!"  Tracy caught Cory's drift (as the two QGP's winked at one another), and immediately jumped on the band wagon... "Yeah!  Short for GaMildred," she enthusiastically contributed! 

Now the QGP's were starting to get with the program!

And Robin liked the idea VERY, VERY MUCH!  Robin had wondered why she'd never named Her in the first place.  Millie.  Dear old Millie!  Yes, Cory, Millie it is!  Thank you, Tracy, Millie indeed!
Ta da!  Sweet Millie now has a dust cover and will be receiving Christmas packages under the tree!
She's part of the family now, for, as we all know, everyone needs a little love & respect.

And don't you worry, Millie Dear, I know how to whip those QGP's into shape when they aren't givin you the love...I just put 'em in Robin's Sweat Shop and work 'em til they drop!  heh heh heh...
"...and when you two are done sewing my Bridal Shower Pennants you can get yourselves started on the Bridal Shower Chair-Back Sash-Thingies!  And after that I've got a few other projects that need finishin' so just you two keep your noses to the grindstone while Millie and I go have ourselves another slice of pizza!" 

QGP's being whipped into shape!


  1. so, so funny! And Millie is a real sweetie!

  2. You are so funny! It wasn't your machine, it was that cursed Crown Royal quilt!