Sunday, November 10, 2013

97 + 98 = (7 - 2) with 5 leftover......but sweet Cori is STILL smiling!

OK... what kind of math is that? 
Cori bounded in with 7 quilt tops in her arms and rejoiced at having cleared her schedule for nothing but quilting up her 7 projects:  1 baby quilt due last Saturday, 1 friends' birthday quilt due now, 1 decade old project she just wants off her list, and 4 Christmas presents.  This was going to be a "Get Back To Zero!" kind of day!
Quilt #1 - Done in 60 minutes.  Ba-da-bing!
Quilt #2 - Uh oh... needle issues?  thread issues?  tension issues?  uhmmmm, ok, never mind, scratch that 1 and move on to #3
Quilt #3 - Uh oh... fabric issues?  bobbin issues?  bobbin case issues?  thread?  tension?  Uhhhhhh... let's move on.
Quilt #4 - Come on Cori... we can figure this out!  Brilliant and intuitive Tracey has arrived to add bonus brain cells to the situation.  Tracey thinks maybe we should adjust this and fix this and tighten this and... even look it up in the Operator's Manual. Yes, now we are humming right along.  #4 Done!
Quilt #5 - Uh oh... thread is breaking!  What is going on around here?  Fatigue is starting to set in.  And we're not just talkin' about Millie.  Scratch this one.
Let's just give up.
But long-armer's never give up!
But we're out of ideas...
Kevin, the encourager, walks by.  "Hey gals, what's this teenie tiny shiney thing about the size of a nickel and as thin as paper on the floor underneath the long arm machine?"
Ohhhhh my word!  It's the Bobbin Case round-flat-metal-tension-flange-thingy-ma-bob-disc!!!!!  The machine won't work without it!!!!!!!  How did it fall out?  Uh oh, it's sort of bent up a little.  How do you get it back in?  Uh oh, it doesn't look as flat as it usually does.  Uh oh... looks like we're done long-arming for awhile.
OK... so 2 out of 7 quilts ain't bad? 
It sounds like typical long arming math to me:  97 + 98 = (7 - 2)  with 5 leftover...
but sweet Cori is STILL smiling!

Quilt #1 aka Millie's 97th Quilt
Quilt #2 aka Millie's 98th Quilt

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