Thursday, August 8, 2013

86 Long Arm Livi

Livi:  Granny?  Can I doodle?
Gn:  Huh?  What's doodle, hunnybunny?
Livi:  You know!  On your machine!
Gn:  Ohhhhhh.  Sure hunny.  What 'cha wanna do?
Livi:  Make a quilt and doodle on it!
Gn:  Ok, huns, lets get started!

la la la, da da da, doodle doodle doodle!

Livi?  Can you hold still so GrannyNans can take a picture of you and your quilt?

Long Arm Livi and her "one day doodle quilt!"


  1. Look how proud she is! Tell her I said it looks fantastic!

  2. WOW Livi, I am so proud of you for doodling on a quilt of your very own making. Some day you can make a quilt for your granny and wrap HER up in YOUR love like she has been doing all of these years for you! I really like these pictures of you and your quilt. They make me remember the fun we had last summer when I came to play with you while cousin Candy and granny were working so hard on the long arm quilter. You are a good friend to me. I love you. Cousin Nancy