Saturday, August 10, 2013

87 Lucy's Cousin Jada's Quilt

Dear Lucy, I am so excited that you have a new cousin!  I thought you would like her to have a quilt that has the same grey, pink & white color scheme as your quilt.  Is that a good idea, Hunny Bunny?  If you cousins' Mama's say it is ok, I'd love to put a picture of you two here :) 
Maybe when you are both snuggled in your Cousin Quilts, huh?
Welcome, Baby Jada!  You are loved, adored and precious to us all XO
Love, "Auntie" Robin
Jada's Quilt


Thursday, August 8, 2013

86 Long Arm Livi

Livi:  Granny?  Can I doodle?
Gn:  Huh?  What's doodle, hunnybunny?
Livi:  You know!  On your machine!
Gn:  Ohhhhhh.  Sure hunny.  What 'cha wanna do?
Livi:  Make a quilt and doodle on it!
Gn:  Ok, huns, lets get started!

la la la, da da da, doodle doodle doodle!

Livi?  Can you hold still so GrannyNans can take a picture of you and your quilt?

Long Arm Livi and her "one day doodle quilt!"

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

85 Tracey's Bright & Happy Quilt

Tracey came over today and knocked another quilt out.  I love the colors and pattern!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

84 Cori's Quilt

Cori came over and long armed while we were on vaca in Idaho.  Her son is going to get a Star Wars quilt.  Isn't that fun!!!