Monday, May 27, 2013

75 - BATIK! Ahhhhhh, B A T I K

5+ years I've been keeping my eyes peeled for discounted batik fabric.  So pretty.  Such a vibrant, happy, natural splash of colors.  But so expensive!  I'd gathered a little bit here and there, always watching for 50%, 60%, 70% opportunities.  Finally, on the recent Bday/Mday weekend, Kev took me to JoAnns (my-kinda-date!) and, using discounts and coupons, I completed my Batik Stash.  It's been heaven sewing all these colors together.  Who do you s'pose this quilt is for?

and I'm sharing with Kev ;)
Pattern:  Log Cabin
because I knew this pattern would allow for any fabric yardage I had in my stash
Vivid and happy!
The quilt measured 80-85 without borders.  I wanted closer to 105-110.  So I made mini-log cabins and added those to the border in order to gain the extra width and length.  It was definitely worth the time.



  1. It looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it all finished.

  2. If you didn't say it was for you and Kevin I was going to kick you in the can when I get up there in July! This is so, so, so pretty!! I am wild about the batik. It's gorgeous and you were so smart to get a bit at a time to do this artistically creative and beautiful quilt. I want to hold it for a little while when we get there so I can feel all the joy emanating from it! Your quilts make me happy. I love this blog.