Monday, April 22, 2013

72 - Sally's Pinwheel-Inside-A-Pinwheel

I'm so proud of Sally!  So so so proud!  The girl has got some serious talent!

This is the 2nd large quilt she made (one for each son).  This pattern has a small pinwheel inside a large pinwheel.  And it took us quite a bit of brain cells to figure out the continuous-line-stitch... but we did it!  Our secret ended up being that we had to focus on quilting one specific pinwheel at a time.  We were both talking to ourselves as we quilted...
1.  straight down through the entire center
2.  curve INSIDE the pinwheel
3.  stitch-in-the-ditch back to center
4.  change directions
5.  oh yeah, second pass gets to go straight down through entire pinwheel, why do I keep forgetting that?
6.  curve INSIDE ( that's INSIDE!) the pinwheel, sheesh!
7.  back to where I started from... isn't it intriguing how you always end up back where you started
8.  repeat!

It's no wonder our little quilter-brains are exhausted when we finish.  I was a babbling idiot.

Wish I'd taken a picture of the back.  Sentimental Sally included Sesame Street retro curtains and Spiderman, Batman, etc. fabrics from her son's bedrooms.  A D O R A B L E and hilarious.

Cutey Patootey Sally
When ya coming back, Sal?  Gary wants quilts for home AND cabin!

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