Sunday, March 24, 2013

64 - Layton's Quilt

Because I was there in Texas, when you were born... YOU GET DA QUILT!  Hopefully "Auntie" Robin can get it off the quilt machine in time for our flight!
Another GI-NOR-MOUS squares Happy Scrappy


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  1. Oh, this truly delights my heart! I still can't believe you made that quilt for # 3 grandson. He feels so special because of it. Thank you to the moon and back for coming to Texas and staying with us and for all the fun you gave us while here. I was looking at pictures on my phone with Rowan today and she saw the really good one of you and Kevers and she said "HEY!! THATS YOUR COUSIN ROBBIE AND WE LIKE EACH OTHER SOOOO MUCH!! WE HAD FUN WHILE SHE WAS HERE, DIDN'T WE NON?"