Saturday, February 16, 2013


Two years later, we finally have our first Learn-to-Long Arm morning.  And "My-Quilter-Gal-Pals" Tracey & Cori learned faster than I even hoped.  And bonus... they helped me get Livi's Quilt all done :) this morning!  And Double Bonus, they are figuring out accessories that came with the Long Arm that I haven't had time or energy to figure out; and they are going to inspire, challenge and teach me!!  And Triple Bonus, they stayed extra long and helped me prep the muslin for my Vice PrinciPALs retirement quilt that crazy me signed up for; and helped me avoid a disaster by cutting the squares too big!!!  And Quadruple Bonus:  when we are together we laugh and talk "real" and share and encourage one anothers' faith and get silly & stupid and all that wonderful stuff that makes me glad I have friends!!!!  I love My-Quilter-Gal-Pals!

Finger-tracing the continuous line before actually stitching - they are S M A R T...
...and F U N N Y !!!

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