Tuesday, February 19, 2013

62 - Texas Sparkle Girl Ryann

Our Troop has the most adorable DAISY from Texas.  Of course, I went bonkers over THAT!  And she has such an exhuberant, sparkling personality.  And the poor little southerner is freezing cold up here in the PNW!  And on top of that, I found this amazing Texas fabric.  Result?  Texas Sparkle Girl Ryann is the first DAISY to get a quilt from Miss Robin :)

Yes, I know... the squares are ginormous.  Well, it's either THAT, or no quilt :)

I'm really "into" this sparkle thing now.  Thanks, Ryann!

Ryann has one of the most friendly, kind, generous, fun-loving & sparkling personalities of anyone I've ever met.  She is super excited about life.  She's into DAISY snacks, family and friends!  She is the Troop Leader when it comes to sharing.  If she found out you needed it... she'd give you her DAISY Tunic right off her back!


  1. HI THERE TEXAS SPARKLE GIRL RYANNN! What a super great piece of fabric. Now I know where you got the idea for the new baby quilt for the soon coming Texas baby. You can't get any more Texan than bluebonnets and the Texas state shape and flag. I amcertain you made this little sweetie happy. But knowing you, you will now feel duty bound to make ALL the girl scouts their own quilt! HA!

  2. Oh NancyNance, you know me soooooooooooooooo well!