Monday, February 18, 2013

61 - Baby Carter's Quilt

Eric & Marybeth's precious baby boy, Carter, arrived Monday, March 25th!  And as the pictures came in over my cell phone, I made the last stitches on the binding of sweet Carter's quilt.  And now I'm flying off to Texas in three days to deliver it in person.  Yaaaaahoooooozie!

Ok, Texas babies, here's the deal.  If  you are born while "Auntie" Robin is in Houston... YOU GET DA QUILT!  So alls ya'll gots to do is choose a Spring Break Birthday.  See?  It's easy.  Texas Mama's & Daddy's-to-be... alls ya'lls gots do do is count nine months backwards and... badda-bing!  (Ruh roh, I think my new rule means I owe Dallen or Layton a quilt!  Shiloh, which of the boys was born while I was in town, back in 2006-7ish?)
 I look forward to seeing soon-to-be born cwuddily-muffin all snuggled in this quilt
Two of my favorite Texas "men"
Douglas Walter
Carter Douglas
You should have seen me up here in the Pacific Northwest fabric store when I spotted this fabric!
First, I went bonkers - (and sorta scared the dear little clerk) - and den... of course, I bought THE WHOLE BOLT!!!!!
with my fabulous coupon, of course!

Did you guys know laying around on one of my quilts promotes early reading!

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  1. OH.MY.WORD. I LOVE this fabric!!! It is faboooo.
    You hit on the exact right thing for a Texas baby for sure. At least in my proud as peaches opinion. By the way, if it was Dallen, it was 1999, Layton 2000, and Brennan 2003. I know it was one of them, so you are not going back far enough in your trip memories.