Sunday, February 17, 2013

60 - Jody's Friendship Wall Quilt

Last weekend, at the ACC Ladies Quilter's Retreat we "Quilter-Gal-Pals" missed Jody soooo much (she had to move to Nevada) that we each decided to make a little patchwork square and quilt it into a Friendship Wall Quilt.  We know Jody was sad she couldn't be at our Quilter's Retreat, after so many years of attending.  Jody was always first in line to help you with your own project; a sweet, helpful personality with the most delightful giggle.  The lodge just didn't quite feel the same without our Jody.  I hope she'll be able to fly up to a future quilt retreat!

Thank you, Cory dearest, for letting me pawn the binding off on you so that I could keep-on-keeping-on with all my Spring Quilting Deadlines!  XO

Thanks, Lorelei, for suggesting I run out and take some pictures of the sunrise!  Look what I captured!
That is the Lifeguard Ring holder on the dock!  Abba Father, sometimes You are simply too good to me.  I'm sure this will become one of my alltime favorite pictures!

The sunrise light was so rich against the life guard chair, lodge and lake

Louise signs Jody's quilt.  Nice 4-Patch, Louise!

Mary & Robin smile for the camera

Linda & Louise signing Jody's quilt.  Thanks for my Peanut M&M's, Linda!!!

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  1. What a sweet and wonderful opportunity for you and your friends to serve one ya'll love! I know she must miss you all terribly...I know I would if I were in your group. Great job ladies. I love all the pictures Robbie.