Thursday, February 7, 2013

59 - Livi Bought The Fabric Herself

OK, picture this.  I'm at Hancock Fabric with Miss RuthAnn, 9 month old Ethan and very-busy-bouncin-around-the-store-isles-Olivia.  Shall we say things were... a bit distracting?  So I say to Livi, "Hunny, find your favorite fabric and Granny will make you a new quilt!"  Livi promptly scans the warm, cozy flannel and finds the Butterflies!  So I tell her to go up to the cutting counter, wait behind the other ladies, then tell the clerk, "I'd like ONE YARD please."  So 5 year old Livi does precisely that. Well, the clerk was so delighted to be waiting on a teeny-tiny little customer who could even order yardage for herself, that she made a grand deal of it all, talking to Livi like a couple of old friends!  So 5 year old Livi comes back to me, lickity-split, and says, "Can I buy more, Granny?"  Ruh roh... a future fabric horder.  But how's a Granny to say no?  "Of course you can, my love!"  And Livi finds the striped fabric and goes up to the counter and orders... ONE YARD?  No, no, no!  Two Yards please!  :)  Now THAT's a future quilter!!!

Wish I'd of taken a pic of Livi at the fabric counter ordering her yardage...
but alas... I was too busy selecting MY OWN fabrics!  ha ha

Well, this isn't a picture of her ordering her fabric yardage... but a "same-age" picture of her making HER OWN 6 YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY Funfetti CUPCAKES.  Little Miss Accomplished.  Six years old... going on... twenty-six.  LOL


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  1. You are the BEST GRANDMA EVER. I am so impressed by Miss Livy doing her own picking out an ordering. She is going to have a hundred quilts of her own before she turns 18!! I love all these pictures of her and her soon to be yellow butterfly flannel quilt, HI LIVY! IT'S COUSIN NANCY!!!!!