Tuesday, February 19, 2013

62 - Texas Sparkle Girl Ryann

Our Troop has the most adorable DAISY from Texas.  Of course, I went bonkers over THAT!  And she has such an exhuberant, sparkling personality.  And the poor little southerner is freezing cold up here in the PNW!  And on top of that, I found this amazing Texas fabric.  Result?  Texas Sparkle Girl Ryann is the first DAISY to get a quilt from Miss Robin :)

Yes, I know... the squares are ginormous.  Well, it's either THAT, or no quilt :)

I'm really "into" this sparkle thing now.  Thanks, Ryann!

Ryann has one of the most friendly, kind, generous, fun-loving & sparkling personalities of anyone I've ever met.  She is super excited about life.  She's into DAISY snacks, family and friends!  She is the Troop Leader when it comes to sharing.  If she found out you needed it... she'd give you her DAISY Tunic right off her back!

Monday, February 18, 2013


There seems to be a pattern developing.  I dunno, we'll have to keep track and watch what happens in the future:

  1. 1999-2003? -  Dallen 1999, Layton 2000, or was it Brennan 2003?  Shiloh will renimber.  I think it was Layton.  (or the boys will have to fight over it)
  2. 2011 - Madison Grace
  3. 3/25/2013 - Eric & Marybeth's Cwuddily Muffin - Carter
  4. 20__ - ???
  5. 20__ - ???
  6. 20__ - ???
  7. 20__ - ???
  8. 20__ - ???
  9. 20__ - ???
  10. 20__ - !!!
Texas Cuzzies, I know you'll have no problem filling up this list :)

61 - Baby Carter's Quilt

Eric & Marybeth's precious baby boy, Carter, arrived Monday, March 25th!  And as the pictures came in over my cell phone, I made the last stitches on the binding of sweet Carter's quilt.  And now I'm flying off to Texas in three days to deliver it in person.  Yaaaaahoooooozie!

Ok, Texas babies, here's the deal.  If  you are born while "Auntie" Robin is in Houston... YOU GET DA QUILT!  So alls ya'll gots to do is choose a Spring Break Birthday.  See?  It's easy.  Texas Mama's & Daddy's-to-be... alls ya'lls gots do do is count nine months backwards and... badda-bing!  (Ruh roh, I think my new rule means I owe Dallen or Layton a quilt!  Shiloh, which of the boys was born while I was in town, back in 2006-7ish?)
 I look forward to seeing soon-to-be born cwuddily-muffin all snuggled in this quilt
Two of my favorite Texas "men"
Douglas Walter
Carter Douglas
You should have seen me up here in the Pacific Northwest fabric store when I spotted this fabric!
First, I went bonkers - (and sorta scared the dear little clerk) - and den... of course, I bought THE WHOLE BOLT!!!!!
with my fabulous coupon, of course!

Did you guys know laying around on one of my quilts promotes early reading!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

60 - Jody's Friendship Wall Quilt

Last weekend, at the ACC Ladies Quilter's Retreat we "Quilter-Gal-Pals" missed Jody soooo much (she had to move to Nevada) that we each decided to make a little patchwork square and quilt it into a Friendship Wall Quilt.  We know Jody was sad she couldn't be at our Quilter's Retreat, after so many years of attending.  Jody was always first in line to help you with your own project; a sweet, helpful personality with the most delightful giggle.  The lodge just didn't quite feel the same without our Jody.  I hope she'll be able to fly up to a future quilt retreat!

Thank you, Cory dearest, for letting me pawn the binding off on you so that I could keep-on-keeping-on with all my Spring Quilting Deadlines!  XO

Thanks, Lorelei, for suggesting I run out and take some pictures of the sunrise!  Look what I captured!
That is the Lifeguard Ring holder on the dock!  Abba Father, sometimes You are simply too good to me.  I'm sure this will become one of my alltime favorite pictures!

The sunrise light was so rich against the life guard chair, lodge and lake

Louise signs Jody's quilt.  Nice 4-Patch, Louise!

Mary & Robin smile for the camera

Linda & Louise signing Jody's quilt.  Thanks for my Peanut M&M's, Linda!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Two years later, we finally have our first Learn-to-Long Arm morning.  And "My-Quilter-Gal-Pals" Tracey & Cori learned faster than I even hoped.  And bonus... they helped me get Livi's Quilt all done :) this morning!  And Double Bonus, they are figuring out accessories that came with the Long Arm that I haven't had time or energy to figure out; and they are going to inspire, challenge and teach me!!  And Triple Bonus, they stayed extra long and helped me prep the muslin for my Vice PrinciPALs retirement quilt that crazy me signed up for; and helped me avoid a disaster by cutting the squares too big!!!  And Quadruple Bonus:  when we are together we laugh and talk "real" and share and encourage one anothers' faith and get silly & stupid and all that wonderful stuff that makes me glad I have friends!!!!  I love My-Quilter-Gal-Pals!

Finger-tracing the continuous line before actually stitching - they are S M A R T...
...and F U N N Y !!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

59 - Livi Bought The Fabric Herself

OK, picture this.  I'm at Hancock Fabric with Miss RuthAnn, 9 month old Ethan and very-busy-bouncin-around-the-store-isles-Olivia.  Shall we say things were... a bit distracting?  So I say to Livi, "Hunny, find your favorite fabric and Granny will make you a new quilt!"  Livi promptly scans the warm, cozy flannel and finds the Butterflies!  So I tell her to go up to the cutting counter, wait behind the other ladies, then tell the clerk, "I'd like ONE YARD please."  So 5 year old Livi does precisely that. Well, the clerk was so delighted to be waiting on a teeny-tiny little customer who could even order yardage for herself, that she made a grand deal of it all, talking to Livi like a couple of old friends!  So 5 year old Livi comes back to me, lickity-split, and says, "Can I buy more, Granny?"  Ruh roh... a future fabric horder.  But how's a Granny to say no?  "Of course you can, my love!"  And Livi finds the striped fabric and goes up to the counter and orders... ONE YARD?  No, no, no!  Two Yards please!  :)  Now THAT's a future quilter!!!

Wish I'd of taken a pic of Livi at the fabric counter ordering her yardage...
but alas... I was too busy selecting MY OWN fabrics!  ha ha

Well, this isn't a picture of her ordering her fabric yardage... but a "same-age" picture of her making HER OWN 6 YEAR OLD BIRTHDAY Funfetti CUPCAKES.  Little Miss Accomplished.  Six years old... going on... twenty-six.  LOL


Monday, February 4, 2013

58 - Emily's Whimsy Quilt

Ohhhhhh, Emily picks such FAB FABRIC!  This whisical quilt is a treat for the eyes!  And Emily is 95% an independent long armer!  She is a fast learner.  And I'm proud how she puts up with all my detailed instructions.  What a natural quilter she is and what fun it is to have her here enjoying this delightful hobby with me.