Monday, December 16, 2013

102 & 103 Grandies' Christmas Puppy Blankies


I am BEHIND on...
...The Wedding Quilt - countdown... 30 days! previous high school Small Group girl, dear Katie B, Baby Girl Quilt, due January 11th
...beloved daughter-in-law Emily's seven bridesmaids' Quilted Jewelry Travel Cases due in 28 days
...the 4 Portland Loved Ones' Quilts for Pat, Mel, Elizabeth and sweet Teddy's Retro Mount Hood Skiers Quilt that will give her such happiness because she and A.J. fell in love when they were "The Handsome Ski Life Operator & Beautiful Timberline Lodge Waitress" sweethearts in 1946.  Completion goal was THIS Christmas
...Portland loved ones:  Matt, Willie, Uncle Ted & Bonnie, their Robin & hubby & two little ones, Jesse
...Auntie Marie's "Real" Quilt, completion goal... LAST YEAR troops' Girl Scout Cookie Pillowcases, so they can have visions of cookies dancing in their heads this February :) own sister Cathy's Quilt
...graduating Senior Kuzzie Kateys' Quilt
...Kuzzie Saundys' Earthy Greens & Taupe Quilt own Buggy Barn quilt
...Cuzzies Jonathan, Anna Grace and Benjamin who are FREEZING up in Wisconsin
...Saundys' Oregon Sister Girl Scouts Quilted Banner for meetings & parades
...the Spring 2014 Auction Quilt I said "yes" to during that temporary moment of insanity when I forgot the words "no, I can't possibly do that" existed and should be used; as I looked into the respectful, sincere eyes of of one of the sweetest Mama's Co-Leaders in my Girl Scout DAISY Troop
...Cuzzie Alana's Cuddle Quilt as a thank you for all Dad's gourmet freezer meals
...Cuzzie Rowan's Cuddle Quilt as we encourage a little Pen Pal fun between Livi & her Texas Cuz
...Kindred Spirit Quilts for lifetime girlfriends:  since 2nd grade - Colette & Ruthie
...Cuzzie Cuddler Quilts for all the rest of my unquilted cuzzies:  Bill & Marcy, Ron, Bill & Anita, Mike & Candy, all the 2nd & 3rd Cousins I have in Pacific NW & Oregon, all the 2nd & 3rd Cousins I have in Texas
...Dad just requested a Couch Cuddler, which I found so deliciously adorable, I have to get on that one right away
...Bob & Marit, Steve & Kari, Mike & Stacey, and the offspring of all these family-friends
...David & Rachel Cuddle Quilt, plus their second baby (hope it's a girl!) due this spring
...the annual King's auction for Olivia
...Livi's dear afterschool care provider - sweet Nancy
...Ethan's Curious George & GrannyNanny Art Quilt
...Kevin & My Christmas Quilt
...the 5 or 6 quilts that are partially completed in the storage boxes under my long arm that I can barely renimber what they are and who they are for!
...6 more of my DAISY's to quilt astonishing helpful & gracious CTE Admn Assistant Rena who does so much for me at work that she deserves 10 quilts
...Sharon S's gave me two of her grandma's quilt tops to restore and then quilt & bind
...UMCI Family Picnic Raffle Quilt that I want to give every August

Oh well, at least I have a list.

And what was the point of all this?  The fact that I had NO BUSINESS buying the cutest Christmas Puppy Fabric & Yummy soft doggie polar fleece yesterday at the Super Duper Whopper Hancock Fabric Sale and spending a Sunday afternoon whipping together two Grandie Christmas Cuddlers.  Except, when it comes to my Grandies, I lose ALL common sense and find myself smiling as I imagine how adorable and happy they will be snuggled under their Christmas Puppy Quilts on Christmas Eve! 

but seriously, how could a Granny's Heart resist:

Woof!  Ho Ho Ho
The backing is the softest doggy polar fleece you've ever felt.
Sweet Dreams, my little Christmas Eve Grandies.
Sweetest sugarplum dreams!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

101 Karlie's Kwilted Christmas Stockings

Leave it to Kuzzie Karlie to figure out the neatest, brightest, most adorable Kwilted Kristmas Stocking project for her expanding family!  She found brilliant jewel tone fabrics and sewed them together patchwork style.  She made 10 squares, each with their own color feature:  red, yellow, blue, green, orange (John's stocking OF COURSE!), purple, turquoise, light purple, light blue and light green.  Each square absolutely SPARKLED!  Karlie was a fast learner as she quilted each square.  I'll post a picture of all her family with their individualized Christmas Stockings once she finished cutting and sewing them.  Can't wait!
Super bright & cheery... yeah, Karlie and the Kristmas Stocking Kwilt Squares :)

Kwick Study Karlie

She is so klever

and loves bright jewel-tone kolors just like me

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

100 The Thanksgiving Quilt?

Quilts are weird.  Sometimes they don't know who they are for.  This one started out for Alta but ended up being too bold.  So it got folded away.  And then it came out to be quilted.  Kevin said he liked it.  I don't.  But, since quilts are weird, I'm sure it will figure itself out.  And, in the meantime, it sure is the right colors for Thanksgiving; I'll be thankful for that.

Update:  The new Mrs. McNabb wanted it!  Andrew & Emily were over here, she spied it, I told her I thought it was too ugly... she said she wanted it to "theme" their apartment for fall.  Ha ha ha.  Yeah :)  someone liked it.

Friday, November 22, 2013

99 Tracey's Super Cool Christmas Quilt

Wednesday night Sally came over to ZIP on her happy scrappy (see Quilt #96).  She spoiled Robin rotten by picking up sushi at Whole Foods since overtired Robin had cancelled on teaching her how to make homemade sushi (maybe next time).  So we cracked open that leftover bottle of white wine Dad had bought for the bridal shower, spritzed it up with sparkling water, and toasted south toward Dad's home.  Cheers Dad, you are a blessing to us!  Ahhhhh, such S P E C I A L times with my Quilter Gal Pals! 
Next, Tracey came flying in, just as Sally was wrapping up, to throw her niece's Christmas Quilt on the machine and do a fast all-over quilt while the girls were at AWANA's.  Would she make the deadline?  Would Millie behave?


All done in 2.5 hours!  Or was it 3?  Now off to her flight to Colorado!!!  Have fun Tracey!

Isn't this one absolutely adorable!!!
Tracey's Niece receiving her quilt in Colorado

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Millie and The QGP's

So Cory & Tracy & Robin were working hard, problem-solving, brainstorming, adjusting, fixing, tightening, loosening, guessing, looking, figuring, and all-around-scratching-our-heads at why the long arm wasn't working so well. 
  • thread floating on the top of the quilt
  • thread floating on the bottom of the quilt
  • thread breaking
  • basic long arming YUCK!
They started blaming it on "That machine"
I started blaming it on "Them!"
You can see where things were heading:

My Quilter Gal Pals being naughty 
"Quilter Gal Pals, listen up!  Ya gotta talk nice to her!" I admonished as I petted my dear old long arm. 

I began to whisper sweet nothings to my sensitive little long armie.  "Don't pay ANY to my Quilter Gal Pals today, Hunny Bunny, they don't mean it and they love you dearly."  I petted her and blew kisses to her sweet little old tuckered-out knobs and dials.
At this point my QGP's were now rolling their cute little eyeballs and snickering behind my back.  Cory snickers to Tracy, "Oh boy, now she's talkin' to It!"  Tracy snickers to Cory, "Yeah, just look at her, the little weirdo!" 

"I can hear you QGP's snickering behind my back... I'm a teacher ya know!  I have eyes and ears behind my head," I squelched at them!

My QGP's straightened right up!

"Now let's start being nice to her and treating her like the tender hearted, precious little grand lady that she is," I commanded!

The QGP's were quiet for a few moments.  Cory was the first to get the picture and quickly recovered with a great idea:  "Hey Robin, we should call her Millie!  You know, like since she's a Gammill, and her formal name is probably Gaah-Mill, we can call her Millie for short!"  Tracy caught Cory's drift (as the two QGP's winked at one another), and immediately jumped on the band wagon... "Yeah!  Short for GaMildred," she enthusiastically contributed! 

Now the QGP's were starting to get with the program!

And Robin liked the idea VERY, VERY MUCH!  Robin had wondered why she'd never named Her in the first place.  Millie.  Dear old Millie!  Yes, Cory, Millie it is!  Thank you, Tracy, Millie indeed!
Ta da!  Sweet Millie now has a dust cover and will be receiving Christmas packages under the tree!
She's part of the family now, for, as we all know, everyone needs a little love & respect.

And don't you worry, Millie Dear, I know how to whip those QGP's into shape when they aren't givin you the love...I just put 'em in Robin's Sweat Shop and work 'em til they drop!  heh heh heh...
"...and when you two are done sewing my Bridal Shower Pennants you can get yourselves started on the Bridal Shower Chair-Back Sash-Thingies!  And after that I've got a few other projects that need finishin' so just you two keep your noses to the grindstone while Millie and I go have ourselves another slice of pizza!" 

QGP's being whipped into shape!

97 + 98 = (7 - 2) with 5 leftover......but sweet Cori is STILL smiling!

OK... what kind of math is that? 
Cori bounded in with 7 quilt tops in her arms and rejoiced at having cleared her schedule for nothing but quilting up her 7 projects:  1 baby quilt due last Saturday, 1 friends' birthday quilt due now, 1 decade old project she just wants off her list, and 4 Christmas presents.  This was going to be a "Get Back To Zero!" kind of day!
Quilt #1 - Done in 60 minutes.  Ba-da-bing!
Quilt #2 - Uh oh... needle issues?  thread issues?  tension issues?  uhmmmm, ok, never mind, scratch that 1 and move on to #3
Quilt #3 - Uh oh... fabric issues?  bobbin issues?  bobbin case issues?  thread?  tension?  Uhhhhhh... let's move on.
Quilt #4 - Come on Cori... we can figure this out!  Brilliant and intuitive Tracey has arrived to add bonus brain cells to the situation.  Tracey thinks maybe we should adjust this and fix this and tighten this and... even look it up in the Operator's Manual. Yes, now we are humming right along.  #4 Done!
Quilt #5 - Uh oh... thread is breaking!  What is going on around here?  Fatigue is starting to set in.  And we're not just talkin' about Millie.  Scratch this one.
Let's just give up.
But long-armer's never give up!
But we're out of ideas...
Kevin, the encourager, walks by.  "Hey gals, what's this teenie tiny shiney thing about the size of a nickel and as thin as paper on the floor underneath the long arm machine?"
Ohhhhh my word!  It's the Bobbin Case round-flat-metal-tension-flange-thingy-ma-bob-disc!!!!!  The machine won't work without it!!!!!!!  How did it fall out?  Uh oh, it's sort of bent up a little.  How do you get it back in?  Uh oh, it doesn't look as flat as it usually does.  Uh oh... looks like we're done long-arming for awhile.
OK... so 2 out of 7 quilts ain't bad? 
It sounds like typical long arming math to me:  97 + 98 = (7 - 2)  with 5 leftover...
but sweet Cori is STILL smiling!

Quilt #1 aka Millie's 97th Quilt
Quilt #2 aka Millie's 98th Quilt

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

96 Sally's Colorful Scrappy Quilt

Sally made a bright, cheery, wonderful great big quilt.  The back is as colorful as the front.  And so many of the fabrics have been used in other projects.  This quilt holds lots of memories.  Today Sally "zipped" her quilt on with her own set of Rental Zippers and practiced her flowers & leaves, squiggles and stitch-in-the-ditch.  Way to go Sally!
Round 1 - thumbs up!

Round 2 - November 20th - Quilting, fresh sushi and wine spritzers.  Sally, you've got great ideas!


Round 3 - Dad came over to enjoy pizza dinner and see Sally's quilting progress :)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How much longer til I'm retired? sniff sniff

Dec 1, 2015 Update:  See the Tumbling Spools quilt I finally completed two years later.  Quilt #171

I just got an email from The Buggy Barn saying the sisters are getting in their truck and driving to Houston for the International Quilt Festival.  Oh boy!  That sounds like my perfect dream-come-true!  A cross country trip... ending up at the biggest quilt festival in the nation... and being with my sister-cousins in Houston.  How much longer til I'm retired?

We are heading to Houston very soon and hope to see some of your there for International Quilt Market and the International Quilt Festival.  This will be our second year vending at Quilt Festival and we are very excited to be included in the show .  We have lots of great things for you.  We hope you will stop by Booth #564. October 31-November 3, 2013George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, Texas

October 30 (Preview Night): 5-10 p.m. (IQA members and class enrollees); 7-10 p.m. (general public)
October 31-November 2 – 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
November 3 – 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Until next time …Keep Stitching!

 It's the Buggy Barn Way!  Pam & Janet

Candy's Selfie with one of The Sisters at their booth in Nov 2013 Houston International Quilt Show - color me jealous!

Candy takes picture of The Other Sister in their Buggy Barn Booth at HIQS
I'm living vicariously through Both Sisters + Candy
Me at THE Buggy Barn last August
Hey DandyCandy... I found 'em first... The Sisters are mine


Monday, October 21, 2013

Modern Day Quilting Bee

The Long Arm room was full of gals on Sunday.  Cathy made it here with her prepped "Renters Zippers" and Lorraine came ready to learn some more.  Cousin Karlie came to join in on the fun and Cousin Saundy came to spend her last few hours in Washington before flying home.  Cousin Marcy came to encourage us all and help me remember the details that were just floating right past my excited, scattered-brain!  I was so happy to have so many of my family & friends, new & old, here to join in on my beloved hobby.  Hope it happens again soon!  Wish I had taken the time to take pictures of ALL OF US.
That's it, Cathy, you are a quick learner :)

Look at me!  I'm doing it!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

95 Keith & Marilyn's LIGHTHOUSE Quilt

Marilyn's first quilt, tutored by Mary.  Isn't it wonderful!  I'm so proud of her.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

94 Tracey's other daughter's quilt

Doesn't Tracey have lucky daughters! 
(Tracey - which one is Katey's and which one is Laney's? and I've probably botched the spelling of all three of your names! Help :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

93 Tracey's Daughter's Quilt

Tracey is being incredibly productive lately!  Here's a wonderful Happy Scrappy for one of her daughters.  She used a neat method where you sew in strips, then loop the sewn strips, unsew, and the rows come together in a happy, scrappy pattern!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Gammillgirl uses her Gammill in so many ways!




I felt so clever as I made my DAISY Girl Scout Troop their DAISY Journey story visuals.  The scouts learn life long character qualities through their stories and activities.  These "Flower Friends" remind them of the Girl Scout promise and the laws they strive to live by...

The Girl Scout Law
I will do my best to be
  • honest and fair,
  • friendly and helpful,
  • considerate and caring,
  • courageous and strong, and
  • responsible for what I say and do,
and to
  • respect myself and others,
  • respect authority,
  • use resources wisely,
  • make the world a better place, and
  • be a sister to every Girl Scout.

The Girl Scout Promise
On my honor, I will try:
To serve God and my country,
To help people at all times,
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.


Monday, September 16, 2013

91 & 92 Russ and Alta's Quilts

What a blessing it is to live next to neighbors for over 25 years and have them develop into friends who practically feel like family.  It's been a privilege and a joy.  You are an adorable couple.  Alta, here is your cuddle quilt, just in time for the windy, blustery autumn nights.  And Russ, you get one too!  Hope the colors work well in your family room with your brown, comfy chairs.

Alta's is floral with pinks and greens with grey accents.
Russ' is strong browns and greens with grey accents.