Monday, December 3, 2012

53 - Erica Learns to Quilt

Well, you all know how much I love sharing my Long Arm and trying to get others to "Catch The Quilting Bug!"  Looks like I snagged another one:  Emily's sweet sister, Erica.  And isn't her 1st Quilt so beautiful!  Can't wait to have you again, Erica.  Quilt away!
Sisters:  Emily and Erica with their sewing projects!


  1. Dear Nancykins,
    Boo! I knew I'd find "My Best Blog Fan" here!
    Check out Quilt #45 John & Karlies. I added THE most adorable pictures!
    Love, Rob
    PS Thank you for being "My Best Blog Fan" peecuz everytime I come here to enter something...
    I get a little butterfly in my belly seeing that you commented!

  2. Another beautiful quilt finished in your home! You are so generous with your machine! I think it's time for me to take you up on your offer and come learn how to use it. I have a few quilts waiting to be quilted and it's time to get em' finished. Let me know if this works for you.

  3. Tracey
    Come and learn this Saturday morning. Sally is coming to finish hers and you can learn the machine. I can teach you both at the same time. Sally is working on her quilt from 7:30am-12. Bring Cory :)
    And email me, rather than type here, because the chances of my seeing this "comment" area is rare.