Wednesday, October 10, 2012

47 - Penni's October Quilt

I'm on an "ORANGE-THREAD-ROLL!  Gotta hurry!  It's already October 10th!  Penni made this quilt several years ago, and always wanted it quilted.  I'm so proud of myself... I taught myself how to quilt pumpkins, spiders, ghosts (sorta) and spider webs.  Fun!

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  1. Spooky little girl like you...
    That's the song line that came to my mind when I saw this. Interesting quilt. Did Penny design it or is this one ya'll saw in a quilt book? You got that orange thread groove and you just can't stop, huh?
    I think if I was choosing a theme quilt I would choose Easter. What would you choose? You've done a Christmas one for John and Elise and now a Halloween one. Have you done any other specialty ones? I chose Easter because I think a cross themed quilt would be an intersting one, and being the practical person that I am I could use it year round too. I would not want to waste a good quilt the rest of the year!! ha.