Saturday, September 29, 2012

45 - Kuzzin John & Karlie

I've been wanting to "quilt" our dearest of dear cousins, John & Karlie, since they moved into their cozy, comfy family home that we all love so much.  It is fun to snuggle up in their family room where you can really, really relax and "feel at home."  And, of course, it needs at least one good Kuzzy Robbie Quilt to fight over!  So, scrappy it is, and with Karlies blue (for her eyes) and Johns orange-crush favorite color!  This is fun!



  1. Hey cudo's to you for doing this, and congrats to cousin Karlie and John for being on the receiving end! I do love the blue and orange combo. Those two shades really compliment each other. Wish I could be there when they receive it! That's always fun to see.

  2. All these pictures of the quilt and the family are awesome! How exciting to be on the GIVING end of something like this. I love the thought of all the years of pleasure that this warm gift will give. Its such a wonderful fun thing that you do Robs.

  3. As I sit here under our beautiful quilt the love just pours out of it. I can't wait to use it as a back drop for pictures with the grand babies!