Sunday, September 16, 2012

43 - John & Rachel's Quilt

Newlyweds, John & Rachel, have a fun quilt coming soon.  The back has lots of squares that were made at Rachel's Bridal Shower.  I will take some pictures of the back, when I get it off the machine.  In the meantime, I sure am enjoying quilting the beautiful fabrics that Rachel picked out - she certainly has a "designers eye."


And look at the back of the quilt! All sorts of special squares made by family and friends at Rachel's Bridal Shower. Such creativity!  And so precious!  Below are a few close-ups of some of the "Special Wishes" squares.

Rachel, the bride, made this square for John, her groom

Judi made this square for her son and daughter-in-law

I made this square - and cracked myself up!  Ha ha ha

Just loved this one

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  1. gorgeous! You're right, she DOES have quite a good eye. I like it a LOT.