Monday, August 13, 2012

39 - Happy Scrappy for Sarah (not Darius)

Ok, it is no suprise to those who know me, I'm a nut.  And I'm nuts for Darius Rucker.  So I quickly threw together a Happy Scrappy; fantasizing that I'd take it to his concert last weekend and "fan-angle" a way to get it to him.  Then I'd have the joy of knowing that both my favorite author sleeps under a quilt I made him, as well as my favorite singer.
Alas, I chickened out.  Didn't have the boldness to take the quilt (plus it wasn't quite finished, anyway) to the concert and make a spectacle of myself.  Plus, Sarah had been telling me how much she loves my simple Happy Scrappies.
And when she and Joel surprised us and called ahead to our Hood River anniversary mini-vacation Villa-Hotel and had it all PAID IN FULL as an appreciation gift for caring for the Grandies... well let's just say I knew this Happy Scrappy belonged to her!!!!!

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  1. You know what Robs...I am happy you gave that beautiful quilt to your dear girl. You will get a lot more pleasure knowing it's covering her than anyone else in the world! It sure is a pretty quilt.