Thursday, June 21, 2012

36 - Shiloh's "Orphan Blocks" Quilt

When I heard that Shiloh had agreed to watch over Uncle Doug & Auntie Bev so that Nancy and Candy could come up to visit all of us Pacific Northwest cousins I said to myself, "Now THAT deserves a quilt!  AND I LEPT INTO ACTION having only 3 weeks to get a quilt ready for Nancy to take back to her!  Fast?  Easy?  Ready-To-Go-Because-All-The-Fabric-Is-Already-Here-In-The-House-&-Cut!  Solution:  An Orphan Block Quilt!  Recognize the squares and fabrics?
Finished JUST in time for Nancy to take it back to Texas!

 Now let's see if I can actually get this done by July 17th!

Tues, June 26th:  OK, it's on the machine... I'm making progress ;)

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  1. wow. OH WOW!!!!! I can't believe you have actually done this much in such a short time. You must have hung up the phone from me that day and started right away. This is so phenomenal that I just HAD to share your blog with Shi. She is blown away as one might expect. What a fantabulous thank you for my dear girl. You are such a wonder Robbie...such a blessing to me constantly. I do love you so.